Before 2020, having a home office might have seemed like a luxury, but now it’s a necessity with more workers shifting to a remote format within their role. Replying to emails from the kitchen bench might have sufficed on those rare occasions over the weekend or after dinner, but more care must be put into establishing a home office where you are now spending at least eight hours of the day. If you have a spare bedroom that can be repurposed into an office, follow these simple tips to reclaim your workstation at home.

Consider lighting

Most people wouldn’t have given much thought to the lighting in their work office, and that’s because it was doing its job in providing clear and natural light that is conducive with the space. Your home likely does not have the same lighting as a commercial building, so you may need to hire an electrician to install betting lighting throughout your spare room. You also want to be leveraging all-natural light sources, so play around with your windows and doors to see what configurations get the best lighting, and your eyes will thank you later.

An ergonomic setup

Your desk and chair do a lot more than simply looking the part, and can actually significantly impact your posture and overall health. Resist the urge to use the furniture in your living room and instead invest in an ergonomic home solution that is going to serve you well and not have you aching at the end of a long day. You might also want to see whether your employer is willing to extend a budget to your home office so that you can invest in quality. If that is not possible, you can always claim this home office expense on tax when the time comes. If you are not sure what you need for your home office, start with similar furniture that you used in the office and go from there.

Bring the creature comforts

You can always tell who sits where in the office as we tend to personalize our workspaces with those creature comfort that make the day move quicker. Put some time into finishing your home office with the same additions, like a tea set, speakers for music, some indoor plants, hand lotions, and anything that is going to save you leaving the office to search your house for them. This might seem like a trivial step, but so much of morale and productivity is linked to mindset and comfort, so don’t shortchange yourself with an impersonal office space that fails to keep you motivated.

Space for all forms of work

When turning your spare room into an office space, it goes beyond just the desk. You want to also have an area where you can take calls, sit for video calls, brainstorming time, and even just have an area to scroll on your phone between meetings. A standard office will offer the duality of common areas and break-out spaces, so be sure to consider them for your home office too as needed. You also want to remove other items from your spare room that is going to make procrastination more tempting and find yourself reorganizing your wardrobe instead of doing data entry. Ultimately, you don’t want it to feel like you are just sitting in your spare room for most of the day – so have some fun with creating a dynamic space for all forms of work and then tweak these zones as you learn what else you need and want.

Working from home is here to stay, so if you are surviving off some dining room chairs and available bench space to get your work done – it’s time to formalize this work arrangement. It does not have to be an expensive exercise if you find second-hand furniture, so don’t let the budget hold you back.