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If you’ve looked in the mirror recently and noticed that your hairline is thinning, you may be in panic mode looking for ways to shape or hide it. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can look great and feel better. In fact, there are some pretty ideal haircuts for balding men that can take care of all of your worries and your self-consciousness.

Many of the leading men of Hollywood deal with this reality, but they pull it off with class. While you may not have the closet or the resources of a millionaire, you can get a haircut like one, even if you’re worried about your hairline. Take a page from their book and try out one of these ideal haircuts for balding men.

Slicked Back for a Widow’s Peak

A widow’s peak can sometimes be an early sign of balding or a receding hairline. Due to the V shape, it can be hard to style without making it obvious. However, many people, including some prominent celebrities, choose to embrace their widow’s peak and slick it back for a more stylish, distinguished look. This is a great way to take the attention away from your widow’s peak in one easy motion. One of the most notable men who wears his hair like this is Leonardo DiCaprio, and he pulls it off with ease.

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High and Tight

A high and tight haircut is actually a military hairstyle that many men who aren’t on active duty have incorporated into their regular style. With this hairstyle, the hair on the back and sides is clipped and short, while the top is longer. The shape draws attention away from your hairline and focuses on the thicker hair that you do have on top. It can also be adapted to any hair length, making it ideal for anyone. Think Justin Timberlake’s signature cut.

The Buzz Cut

This is a classic hairstyle many men choose to sport, whether they are balding or not. It’s a traditional, masculine hairstyle that never really goes out of style, making it an ideal choice when you’re not ready to shave it all off. A buzz cut is also perfect for helping keep you cool in the warmer weather. Many iconic actors have sported this particular hairstyle over the years, such as Jason Statham, making it the ideal solution to many problems.

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Ivy League

For a more distinguished look, the ivy league haircut can help hide a receding hairline if you still have a decent amount of volume left in your hair. It’s a style that instantly makes anyone appear more poised and professional. Similar to the high and tight, the ivy league haircut involves longer hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides. The difference is that with an ivy league cut, the hair on top is long enough to be swept over with a side part. This is Ryan Reynolds’ go-to hairstyle, so look to him for inspiration.

Bald and Bearded

If you’re getting to the point where you’re sick of trying to hide the signs of balding, it may be time to embrace it. Many men are sporting the completely bald head with a properly trimmed beard, and it looks great on many different face shapes. Taking this plunge can be intimidating, but for many people, there’s no going back once you do as the bald life can be very comfortable and breezy. The beard part is optional but can add a perfect degree of sophistication if you can grow a nice one. Bryan Cranston recently sported this look, and it is part of Common’s signature appearance as well.