Rats are the medium-sized crawling creatures that you can most probably found in your homes crawling around here and there. They are also known by the name of Rodents. They can easily make their way into your home and spread different diseases within your house members. Not just the diseases, they can be a lot uncomfortable for you to roam freely in your own home. Rats are encountered in different sizes. You can quickly get rid of small-sized of rats by instantly killing them or making them caught in the trap. But when it comes to the large size of rats, then you need to perform some precautionary measures and remedies to keep them away from your home.

There are different reasons due to which rats or rodents can step inside your home. You need to first of all figure out all those reasons and get rid of it as soon as possible. Apart from that fact, here we are discussing some important and significant ideas which will help you to learn about how to get rid of rats outside the home:

Important Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Rats Outside The Home 

Remedy No 1: Use of Peppermint 

The first remedy on our list is about the use of peppermint! Peppermint might smell interesting for human beings, but for the rats, it is not so much comfortable. They make sure they stay away from all those areas that have peppermint smell use. You can use the peppermint oil with some cotton balls and make them locate in different corners of your house.

You can make a repellent of peppermint oil by mixing two tablespoons of peppermint oil with rubbing alcohol in a small spray bottle. You have to shake it until and unless the solution does not get mixed thoroughly. You can use this spray in every single nook and corner of your house in which you feel some pieces of evidence of rats. You can spray the oil on cotton balls and place them in different corners of your home.

Remedy No 2: Use Of Moth Balls

Mothballs are sufficient to be used for both rats as well as mice. They are not just poisonous for the rats but even for human beings too. So you need to be extra alert when it comes to using mothballs. You can make mothball spray by collecting almost 1/6 cup of mothballs in a small plastic sack. Use a hammer for crushing the sack. Now add the crushed form of mothballs in your spray bottle and add it with some water. You have to combine it with one small tablespoon of detergent as well. Now spray it in all those corners where you feel the presence of rodents or rats. You can quickly get them from stores, and they are easy to use. Mothballs do not entirely kill the rat as they can make them unconscious for a few minutes. While they are unconscious, you can trap them in a cage and throw them away from your home!

Remedy No 3: Using Ammonia Chemical

In the next guideline of how to get rid of rats outside the home, we will be mentioning the use of ammonia chemical for the rat’s control treatment. Ammonia acts as an excellent repellent for getting rid of rats quickly. You can even call it as the cleaning agent for rats. For making ammonia spray, you can add one cup of ammonia with one cup of vinegar amount in it. You have to shake it until and unless the solution does not get mixed thoroughly. You can use this spray in every single nook and corner of your house. You can also make your task easy if you will be using it with cotton balls. Ammonia is similar to the smell of other animal urine, which rats dislike the most.

Remedy No 4: Use Of Owls Feather

It is a lot interesting to use owl’s feather for preventing the rat’s arrival inside or outside of your home. Rats have quite a few predators from which they are terrified of in which owls and snakes are the most common ones. Well, you cannot bring snakes or owls in your home so the best way would be using owl feather. You can place owl feather inside your home or in garden areas so it can bring a source of threat for the rats.

Similarly, you can place some fake snakes in your house garden for stopping the rats from entering your home. You can easily purchase the owl feathers at low prices. This is a wonderful and cheapest remedy on our list for you!

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Remedy No 5: Using Black Pepper

We will also be recommending you using black pepper for the rat’s control treatment. Pepper has an extremely sharp smell for both rats and human beings. This smell is so offensive for the rats. Well, most of the time, rats can inhale pepper smell by mistake, and instantly their lungs will start reacting. In just a few minutes, they will be dead. You can use this black pepper by just sprinkling it in the house corners or in those areas where you feel rats’ presence.

Well, above all such remedies, there are so many more natural remedies which you can probably use when it comes to getting rid of rats both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. Some of the people even make the use of the bay leaf as well. Bayleaf also has a urine smell like ammonia, which is not so comfortable for the rats. Bayleaf is available in raw form. As soon as the rats eat the bay leaf, they will start choking and end up dying. In some of the houses, you might have noticed the use of rat traps, as well. This is an important tip to keep in mind. These traps are a small cage that might act upon as a house placement for rats. But they are not aware that it is a way to get rid of them. If you are planning to catch more than two rats, then choosing a large size of trap is the best option. Also, you can look for the glue traps that have some adhesive surfaces along with the attachment of bait on the top. You can search for different types of rat traps that are available in various sizes, designs, shapes, and styles. You can hence choose the one according to your requirements.

Helpful Tips to Getting Rid Of Rats

Well, when it comes to small-sized rats, then there are few essential tips that you have to keep in mind to keep them away from your home instantly before they step inside. Below we are sharing some helpful and simple tips with you:

  • Do you cover all the food storage jars in your kitchen completely closed? If not, then do it right now. You should not be storing any food in the plastic cans or jars inside the refrigerator for so many days. After two weeks, those food items will become smelly, and this smell can attract the rats towards your home. Such food items can be chips or cereals, bread or candies. Avoid storing them in plastic bags because rodents can easily chew the bags and eat them around.
  • Additionally, make sure all the wall holes and sinks are entirely repaired, both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. You should seal them properly. Mostly rats make their way in your home through the small gaps or holes in the walls. They can quickly enter your home through the hole that is around 1/2 inches in diameter length.
  • Plus, you should remove off all sorts of items straight away from the top area of the refrigerator or even from the kitchen sink areas.
  • If you are taking an immediate help from pest control companies, you should be discussing with them all the details about where you have encountered the rat’s activities in your home and during which time of the day.
  • Pest control professionals might be using different traps and baits for trapping the rats. You should not disturb any of their tasks or interfere while they are performing.
  • You should keep your house clean and tidy all the time. Rats are fond of stepping into the homes which are dirty and filthy all the time. This is an important tip to keep in mind. You should follow the house free from the trash all the time and that too regularly. Never allow any dirty water to stay around your home.
  • Keep the house surroundings always clean again any dirt, garbage or dust.

So this was the complete comprehensive discussion about how to get rid of rats outside the home quickly without any stress. But if you still find it stressful and uneasy about doing, then taking help from pest control companies is the only option left behind. Follow the tips which we mentioned above for you and keep your house away from rats right now.