The new year is just around the corner, it will give us another chance to reboot and leave all the bad memories behind. It is finally time to embrace new changes. So if you have vowed to revamp your house this year but can’t afford to do a full renovation in one shot, you can start with remodeling your bathroom.

If you are tired of your purple shower curtain or you have had enough with those leaky faucets, it is time to bid adieu to your old bathroom and kick-start your bathroom renovation. You can turn to design galleries for ideas and build a bathroom that suits your needs and style. Whatever your style is, Victoria Plumbing has got you covered. If you are planning to refresh your bathroom, you should check their website for some chic bathroom furniture.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of bathroom trends that are predicted to dominate next year. You can change and redesign a petite powder room or your sprawling master bath with these new, amazing 2020, and 2021 bathroom trends.

Bring Out The Brass

It is time for brass to shine. Brass is a great way to add a hint of luxury to your bathroom. Faucets, fixtures, and other accessories made of brass are sure to make your bathroom look fancy. Brass is an excellent material for the bathroom, it weathers well and won’t rust. It is a durable, long-lasting choice. Many fancy hotels use brass because it brings a premium feel to the bathroom. You can style your bathroom by pairing brass with marble to create an expensive, classy look. This deluxe style will ooze sophistication and adding a dark color will accentuate it even more.

Statement Showers, Unique Style Statement

Wash away your troubles with a statement shower, installing a statement shower is one of the most interesting and unique trends of recent times. With a statement shower, you can transform your bathroom into a mesmerizing work of art.

A statement shower can reflect some aspects of your personality and also create a bold backdrop in an otherwise boring scheme. Statement showers are perfect to brighten up your dull mornings.

Dark Colors, A Safe Bet:

Saturated dark colors have long been an absolute favorite for interior design. Dark colors, if used correctly, can look elegant and sophisticated. Now, it is time to paint our bathrooms dark.

Dip a toe into a bold color and install some dark colored tiles. And if you dare to stand out from the crowd, fill your bathroom with blacks and reds.

Divided His And Her Vanity

Divided vanities are convenient and provide enough space for both partners to get ready for a night out or prep to go to bed. Double vanities can save time and stop where-is-my-toothbrush fights. However, since double vanities take a lot of space, they may not look great in a small bathroom. His And Her vanities will look excellent in a master bathroom with porcelain sinks washstands with brass legs.