Beauty E-commerce Company
Beauty E-commerce Company

When it comes to selling makeup and other personalized beauty products online, budding entrepreneurs should first create a great online marketing strategy that not only advertises their products and services to but also provide offers that no one can resist. Considering that the beauty industry is saturated with various brands and products, one can expect it to be a very competitive market. To start, here are some handy strategies to sell your beauty products online:

  • Use Digital Marketing Techniques

Regardless of whether you are work for a well-known brand like Maybelline or work with a wholesaler like Asian Beauty Wholesale, one cannot deny the impact that the internet has provided in controlling the way content is being delivered. Millennials are slowly changing the way that big beauty brands are being introduced to the market. As of 2017, a survey indicates that around 45% of consumers between the ages of 18-34 years old are buying their products online. This not only proves that the market is changing but also provides numerous opportunities that you can use for yourself.

To start, one must invest in utilizing digital marketing techniques. This includes using effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to rank their site and content effectively in various search engine sites like Google and Bing. To do this, site owners must use the right keywords so visitors can find the exact name of the product they are looking for. Couple this strategy with content marketing techniques so users can enjoy educational and informative content while also inviting organic traffic into your website. As much as possible, create content on a regular basis so your website can continue to consistently rank high in Google.

  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Many millennials use social media as a way to connect to friends, family, and learn about the latest trends. For beauty businesses, using Instagram and Twitter hashtags allows them to know the latest beauty trends are available in the market as well as other things. Here are ways on how you can use social media to your advantage:

  • Connect with your target audience – by providing personalized customer service as well as provide answers to their inquiries and concerns;
  • Connect your website and blog content– by providing links and creative micro-content that enables visitors to visit your site;
  • Promote products and sales – by giving away freebies to a lucky few or creating an online contest to generate interest; and
  • Collaborate with social media influencers – who more or less create their own content for their own audience members. Since you are working with cosmetics, consider collaborating with beauty gurus, makeup artists, and online beauty vloggers to help create content that not only promotes your products and services but also garner interest from the influencer’s audience members.
  • Provide makeovers

Many department stores use this technique as a way to sell makeup and other beauty products. By allowing customers to benefit the effects of various makeup products directly, one can ensure that they not only gain a customer’s trust but can also use it as a means to provide a unique and more personalized service.

If you are an online beauty business store that sells cosmetics made from locally-sourced ingredients, consider providing free makeovers to potential customers and clients by establishing a small pop-up shop at fairs and festivals. This not only helps deliver your products to customers directly but can also generate online buzz from other potential clients who may not be able to attend the event.

  • Retain Your Initial Customers’ Interest

Another important aspect of marketing that most site owners shouldn’t overlook is the fact that they should make sure to retain their initial key demographic. This includes using follow-up marketing techniques like providing personalized emails, product suggestions that best suit their needs, and updating them with the latest products and content you may have in store.

This not only helps assure your initial customers that you appreciate their patronage but also helps retain their interest and loyalty as well as provide an opportunity for you to improve the quality of your customer service. As much as possible allow your key audience members to provide feedback so you know what aspect of your business you can improve on.


One cannot deny the impact that the internet has provided in helping indie beauty online shops gain recognition. In order to sell your products consistently, consider investing in online tools like keyword generating software, CRM programs, and analysis programs to help you gain market advantage and look for opportunities.