In the wide world of Old School Runescape, there are a ton of items that you will come across. There is also a huge market for trading in the game, with many players engaging in OSRS gold buying and even OSRS gold selling. There are of course some items that are rarer than others, which have a much lower drop rate. This in turn makes them worth a lot more OSRS gold than other OSRS items that are less valuable.

What are the most expensive items in OSRS?

In terms of the most expensive OSRS items that are in the game, you are looking at the 3rd Age Bow for starters, which starts out at being worth 541.88M GP. Following that is the Scythe of Vitur, which will set you back 740.83M GP. Meanwhile, the Elysian Sigil is around 835.26M, with the Elysian Spirit Shield costs slightly more at 847.39M GP. The most expensive item in OSRS is the Twisted Bow, which is going to cost you over 1 billion GP.

How to Get them for Free

So, you will have seen the eye-watering prices that are found above, but thankfully there are ways in which you can get your hands on without having to buy them. For example, the 3rd Age Bow is a possible reward from elite and master Treasure Trails. If you can get it, then you will have an OSRS item that offers a level speed with short bows OSRS, combined with the range of the longbow. If you have a Ranged level of 65, then you will be able to wield this useful item.

With the Scythe of Vitur, you can also grab it without having to spend your OSR gold. Go to the arena known as the Theatre of Blood, which can be located underneath the Ver SInhaza castle. You will need 75 strength to wield it, and will need the same level in Attack too. Then we have the Elysian Sigil, which costs nearly 900M GP, as does the following OSRS item known as the Elysian Spirit Shield.

Both of these Old School Runescape items work together, so getting both is going to cost you a lot in a normal situation. The Sigil is a rare drop from the Corporal Beast, whilst the Elysian Spirit Shield is one of the strongest in the game and can also be gained for free. To do so, you will first need to have the Elysian Sigil, then you can attach it to a Blessed Spirit Shield to make the Elysian Spirit Shield.

Then of course we have the Twisted Bow, which surpasses the 1 billion mark. This is the strongest bow in the game, which you can believe given the price of it. What GP makes it so unique is that it scales to the enemy that you are using it on. Given this special stat, you will need to have level 99 Ranged skill to make the most out of it, which reaches 89 damage with Dragon Arrows. To get the Twisted Bow without paying, you need to finish the Chambers of Xeric, although even then there is still less than a 3% chance of the Old School Runescape item dropping.

So before you have to buy OSRS gold or go on a mammoth grind to afford these OSRS items, there are ways in which you can gain them without forking out a whole bunch of in-game money. So luckily, you aren’t going to have to find others who sell OSRS gold in order to obtain them.

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