Electric Bikes

Scooteretti electric bikes are durable, which makes them ideal for daily use. They are easy to use just like the regular bikes and also have a rugged design which makes maintaining them cheap. The Scooteretti bike Riese Muller Multicharger is ideal for those who want to travel in style as well as being cheap and affordable to run. It has a range of 200km’s that ensures it will take you to your destination easily and efficiently. It has a high powered Bosch Performance CX – 75Nm motor that ensures that you go about tough climbs with ease and arrive in your destination strong with energy. It is quickly charged and has great speeds which just make it the best choice for you if you want convenience.


The structure, description, accessories, and parts

  1. The front fork- good quality and a very popular choice Suntour XCR32 sprung.
  2. Rims- made of aluminum alloy which is very strong and doesn’t bend even on rough terrain which makes it safe and also durable.
  3. Hub-good material quality and watertight design made in Taiwan.
  4. Bottom bracket (Neco bottom bracket) are famous quality bike components, and it has been tested for a trouble-free run, and they are made in Taiwan.
  5. Braking-being the most important part of any bike, we ensured extra safety and easy maintenance by using the disc brake in the front and expanding drum brake in the rear. The expanding rear brake is easy to adjust and also last long without any care. In cars, they last forever. All spares of the Scooteretti electric bikes are kept in stock. These bikes are designed to provide many years of trouble-free use. In the event that your Scooteretti electric bike requires servicing, you can take comfort knowing parts will be readily available at a reasonable price. The lithium battery used in the Scooteretti bike is good because it is repairable. The lithium battery is also long-lasting and durable as compared to the other lead-acid batteries, which are heavy and do not last long and also hard to maintain. Lithium-ion batteries are also high energy density, which ensures that it stores power for long hours. Recharging time is also shorter compared to lead-acid batteries, which were used in the past.

Why use Scooteretti electric bikes

The Scooteretti electric bike is ideal for you because it is ecological, economical and at the same time able to take you anywhere you want without any hassle. You can use it as a means of your transport to work and you don’t have to worry about fueling, you simply just plug to your electrical socket to charge it and then it is ready for use. It does not also pollute the environment like the other types of bikes that use fuel do. You also get to go anywhere you want with minimal expense as opposed to riding in a car or a motorbike which you will have to fuel to get you going.