In 2018, about 88% of all smartphones sold globally were Android phones. Currently, the smartphone market has two major players – Android and Apple. The figures show that Apple is trailing behind in users, but does that mean that the Android smartphone is better than the iPhone?

Which one do you choose, Android or Apple? Both parties make strong cases for themselves. To help you decide on either, here is a comparison of five critical features that split them apart.


Apple has only one phone in their product range. If you buy Apple, you are stuck with the iPhone. Android, on the other hand, has a variety of decent phones from various manufacturers.

With Android, you have numerous choices in phone characteristics such as size, performance specs, hardware design, and other properties. If you want to customize your preferences, then Android is your better choice.

Better Apps and Functionality

When deciding on you should buy Android or Apple, it is important to know that Android has more mobile apps than Apple. Android has a total of 2.1 million titles while apple trails at 1.8 million. However, there is a reason why this might be a win for Apple.

Apple is stringent when scrutinizing apps for its users. Developers have to adhere to high-quality standards and designs. This keeps away low-quality apps and those without useful or exciting functions.

Many alpha apps debut on IOS first before rolling out the Android version. Also, Apple provides better backward compatibility of functions and apps with their older devices than Android developers do.


In the past, many have argued that the iPhone was too expensive. But today, the high-end Android phones, which are the main iPhone competitors, cost nearly as much as the iPhone.

Perhaps where the iPhone loses is in the lack of a price range for different models. You can get high-performance Android smartphones with rather modest price tags.

If you are working with a stiff budget, better look up some Android phones.

Battery Life

The battery capacity on iPhones has improved over the years, but the phone has also grown bigger and more powerful. In most case, heavy users still need to charge it daily.

Many Android phones also have this problem, but at least with Android, you have a choice of models with ultra-high battery capacities.

If the phone’s battery life is an important factor in making your choice, remember you can have +5,000mAh batteries fitted to some Android models.

Ease of Use and Device Compatibility

A majority of smartphone users agree that iPhones are much easier to use than other alternatives. Just like SSENSE, Apple is well known for the use of abstract, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces across all its products.

All Apple devices are seamlessly compatible with each other, thus allowing for easy synchronization and data sharing.

Every Android app has a different design scheme, and some of them have a significant learning curve. Also, compatibility among some devices is not guaranteed.

Android or Apple?

As we have seen, neither of the phones is a direct winner in all categories. If functionality, price, design, and feature are strong deciding points, go for the one that heavily favors those factors. However, deciding to go for either Android or Apple mostly narrows down to personal preference and taste.

The iPhone has always seemed like a better phone. Over the recent years though, Android has posed some serious competition.

Having learned the key differences between the two smartphones, at least from a user’s point of view, it should be much easier to make a choice. Read our blog for more tips and tricks.