Work in the UAE
Work in the UAE

The UAE and Dubai, in particular, as a place to work and live, offer several advantages for expats. The list will be different for different categories of people, but the main benefits remain the same both for entrepreneurs and for employees searching for a job, as well as for those who want to buy property here, in general, for all categories of expats.

The advantages of working in the UAE

First-class living conditions for all.

Usually, choosing a country for residence, a foreigner already knows what he/she wants to achieve: favorable conditions for doing business, high income, the opportunity to live in a rich, safe country, access to affordable real estate, etc. And in this regard, the UAE is a winning solution for everyone since there are almost unlimited opportunities for development and comfortable life of an entrepreneur who is going to open a company, for an employee who is looking for job vacancies and for those who want to invest in real estate. All these people get the opportunity to legally live and enjoy all the advantages of this country for at least two years.

Job prospects and career opportunities.

The local economy and the labor market is always on the rise. It is no secret that expats form the basis of the local economy, they are both hired employees who, thanks to flexible labor legislation, can work on part-time jobs, or even online as freelancers, and foreign employers who have opened their businesses here in free zones. High salaries, along with the absence of taxes and high social security of employees, make the UAE an attractive place for anyone who searches for a new job. There are always available vacancies for service personnel, for managers and marketers, for sales professionals, for construction workers, IT specialists, etc. It should be noted that there are excellent conditions for career growth of a fresher – courses, training, and the opportunity to take a higher position just in few months is another advantage of the UAE, as a promising country for job hunting of foreigners. How and where to find a new job in the UAE? To do this, you can use one of the recruitment websites, for example, this one: Here you will find the latest jobs offers with job profile descriptions, as well as applied CVs of other experts in your industry.

Financial benefits.

Here, even those foreigners who come from developing countries of Asia and Africa receive much better conditions for employment than in their native countries. With a salary of $500, one can live quite comfortably in Dubai since this amount does not include taxes (this country is free from any taxes), as well as deductions for accommodation, food, and transport. It is worth noting that the prices of essential goods required for life (food, clothing, etc.) here are lower than in Europe and the USA. As for highly qualified specialists, they can count not only on a decent salary in Dubai but also on additional hiring bonuses: medical insurance, paid vacation, official housing, a car, etc. The UAE is, in fact, a tax-free jurisdiction, so both businessmen and hired employees can be sure that taxes will not neglect the part of their profits. Among the financial advantages of Dubai, we can also mention the developed banking sector so that they can keep their own money in safe here.

Ease of obtaining a residence visa.

Immigrants working abroad often complain that they have to stay as illegal immigrants because the law of the country where they work does not provide for a temporary visa. The United Arab Emirates solved this problem when they introduced a resident visa – a document that provides an opportunity for employees of local firms to live and work in the country until the end of the employment contract. Moreover, the process of applying for such a document for an employee is handled by his/her employer. Residence visa is issued fairly quickly (up to 14 days). So if you come here in search of work and you only have a temporary permit, having found a suitable offer you will be able to solve the issue with a residence visa urgently.

High security.

In all big cities, especially in those with a large number of immigrants, there are problems with security. Dubai did not follow the example of these megacities and still remains one of the safest cities in the world. Serious crimes are rarely committed here. Numerous police officers patrol the city so that you can walk safely at any time of the day. Besides rather severe punishments to criminals stop those who intend to violate the law. It is especially pleasant to live in such a safe city for families with small children.

Thus in case you are looking for an excellent place to continue your career, Dubai, the UAE is a great solution – right starting conditions, security, stability, and excellent career prospects.