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No matter how far away you might live from your family, or how far away they might live from you, you can always receive money or send it to them. You don’t have to worry about sending it only through snail mail now because, with the worldwide reach of the internet and mobile networks, you or your intended recipient can receive money quickly. The main things you have to be prepared for are service fees, exchange rates, bank fees in some cases, and other charges associated with money sending. The following are some of the most reliable ways to send money overseas.

International Money Orders

While it’s not the quickest way to send money overseas, a money order can be one of the best ways to guarantee you or your recipient receives cash if receiving it online or in other electronic formats is difficult. The USPS even has international money orders that you can fill out and send immediately from your local office with expedited services if time is of the essence for your money arriving at its intended destination. There are even online money order services you can use where you can pay online and have an agent in your recipient’s local area deliver it to them. Note that these are not always as reliable as paying for money orders in person and shipping them to your recipient.

Bank Transfers With No Charges

While this is not an option for a whole lot of people, it’s a great option if your recipient has a bank account in an overseas branch of the same one you’re with. Different US banks who have international branches have different policies on how this can be done, but you can make a direct funds transfer to your recipient’s account without needing to do an international wire transfer. Now be warned that you may need to pay your recipient in your own local currency to avoid getting hit with an exchange rate fee by your bank. Also, if your recipient decides to withdraw the funds from your local currency in their local cash, they may also see exchange rates deducted from the amount they withdrew. But still, this can be an easy way to send someone money without having to pay a premium for it.

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Using A Money Transfer Service

One way you may be able to take advantage of lower exchange rate fees and still get your money to your intended recipient is to use a money transfer service like Western Union. These kinds of services allow you to either send money online to the recipient or go to a local agent where you can have it electronically transferred after you pay in person. Your recipient could receive the money in their bank account or make a cash pickup at their local agent, and if you need to make a cancellation, you can do so before they receive the funds. You usually have the option to pay for these transfers in cash, bank ACH transfer, debit card or credit card. It’s usually recommended not to use a credit card though since doing so is usually marked as a cash advance which triggers high-interest rates.

Payment Apps Or Cryptocurrency

Sometimes it’s easiest to forego a bank account or wire transfer, or even a standard money transfer service and just do an app to app transfer. Certain apps can allow you to send funds in the recipient’s currency for low rates, and all you need is just their email address to do so. This can be a convenience that doesn’t have to involve sending out information like physical addresses or bank account numbers. But if you’re even more tech-savvy and know how to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, that may be an even better option because cryptocurrencies are starting to become more accepted as payments around the world. Cryptocurrency can be a little trickier to understand, but it’s getting easier to purchase now with crypto ATMs becoming more widespread.

The bottom line is how you choose to send your money internationally usually depends on your priorities for its arrival. Do you care most about speed, ensuring it arrives even in a remote area, or the amount that you can send? Different countries and money sending services have their own limitations on these factors, so you may want to explore all your options before deciding on one.