Certified HR Professional
Certified HR Professional

Given today’s highly competitive business world, there are numerous reasons why HR certification is a necessary requirement. According to the HR Certification Institute’s 2008 Value of Certification Survey, one out of two hiring managers prefer candidates with certifications over those who don’t. Besides that, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that the demand for human resources professionals will grow to 9% by 2024. As competition for this job grows, HR professionals who possess valid and valuable certification will more likely be able to stand out from other candidates.

These days, the field of human resources has advanced further than when HR was just limited to administrative duties. HR professionals still perform conventional tasks such as employment screening and answering benefits questions, but that play an essential role in high-level planning with responsibilities such as shaping key policies and consulting with top executives to chart strategic direction.

The Importance of HR Certification

Showing people how dedicated you are to your career can also get you to stand out. Typically, in order to be respected as a human resource professional and be considered for higher-level positions, it is vital for you to acquire an HR certification. This credential is what helps distinguish you as an HR expert and a professional.

There are various reasons mentioned in the Value of Certification Survey from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCITM) as to why HR certification matters, including:

  • Certified HR professionals could more inspire trust and confidence from their business colleagues than their non-certified counterparts.
  • Hiring managers usually consider a candidate’s certification when making hiring decisions.
  • Business leaders deem certified HR professionals to be more knowledgeable and motivated than non-certified HR co-worker.
  • Some companies believe that hiring certified HR professionals gives them a competitive edge.
  • Various HR professionals report that certified HR professionals help create a positive impact on their company’s financial performance.

What Does An HR Certification Do For You?

There are plenty of reasons why having an HR certificate in human resources online matters both personally and professionally. Having an HR certificate is a long-term commitment that can showcase how successfully-driven you can be as a human resource manager to your peers and your company.

Prestigious HR Credentials:

  • It could increase your professional confidence and satisfaction
  • It can help set you apart from those who don’t have a certification
  • It can result in greater respect from your peers and the rest of your organization.
  • It may increase your earnings potential
  • It could help make you a better candidate for a new job.

Personal Benefits of Professional HR Certification

What kind of benefits could HR certification possibly present to you as well as your career? There are numerous reasons for this, but it may be better answered by those who already have an HR certification. Well according to the Value of Certification study by HRCI, when HR professionals are asked about the type of benefits they’d get upon acquiring a certification, the top 10 advantages were:

  1. Gives me personal satisfaction
  2. Buffs up my resume
  3. Boosts my chances of getting a better job than my current workplace.
  4. Helps me stand out from non-certified HR candidates.
  5. Helps me garner respect from everyone from the organization, including peers and superiors.
  6. Enables me to be more successful in my role as an HR professional
  7. Increases my earning potential
  8. Increases my chances to prove my value to my employer
  9. Improves my opportunities to climb further up the ladder within my organization
  10. Enables me to deliver a greater impact on my organization’s business success.

The four most recognized types of HR certifications include: SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP, PHR, and SPHR.


Given the perks highlighted in the article above, it is pretty clear that having an HR certificate can be highly beneficial to you and your career.