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There is a lot to understand about aged care, with many believing the experience only extends to clinical care and residential housing. Assisted living is an aged care solution that is growing in popularity, with recipients enjoying the independence and lifestyle this unique form of care provides. Assisted living includes long and short term care solutions, offering housing and personal care assistance, with social and daily activities being commonplace. If you’re looking to explore more about assisted living, here are some of the benefits you can expect.


So what is aged care, and what is going to be right for me? It has many functions, with one of the key differences being the flexibility in options on offer. Assisted living is where many individuals start their aged care journey, as it can postpone the need to relocate, which allows for an easier transition into a new standard of living. Starting with a couple of days of assisted care, you or your elderly loved one can scale this arrangement up or down as you see fit. For many individuals, it highlights the benefits of aged care and offers the ultimate peace of mind that support is available and ready.

A range of services and activities

The services and activities available through assisted living are limited only by imagination, with your elderly loved one in a position to design and plan their days according to their needs and preferences. Some of the services available with assisted living include around the clock supervision, personal care, medication management, transport arrangements, laundry, and linen service, and so much more. There is also a wide variety of activities such as social services, recreational and spiritual activities, exercise, and wellness activities.

Enhance your quality of life

Assisted living has the dual effect of maintaining quality of life, while also enhancing it on a day to day basis. As habits form, assisted living can begin to correct and smooth daily practices, taking away mundane responsibilities and ensuring the best outcome is met. For some, this means having consistently nutritious meals made for you, or it could be assistance with getting to each doctor’s appointment. Quality of life should be your striving goal when entertaining the idea of assisted living, so ask what your aged care provider can do to make this a reality.

Familiarity and community

Holding onto a strong sense of community is something we all value. For some, that means being surrounded by a wide group of friendly faces, and for others, it only needs to be a few support networks. Assisted living provides alternatives for both styles of people, with home-based solutions delivering on personal and intimate care, through to community-based care. Have an authentic conversation with your friends and family about what option is going to be right for you, as sometimes what we think we desire conflicts with what we want.

Understanding aged care is something that doesn’t happen overnight, and those who have the best experience are people who have begun the research process long before the time comes to make the transition. Assisted living is a great way to try on aged care, with the ability to scale options up or down accordingly. Transparency is key here, so don’t feel like you can’t pick up the phone and speak with the aged care community you are leaning towards.