AI Chatbots
AI Chatbots

Having an employee round the clock, who can entertain the customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of a year sounds unrealistic, doesn’t it?

Customers approach businesses with their queries all the time, regardless of time or day. They wouldn’t bother if its Christmas or Easter, they will approach the helpline to get their query entertained. In that case, Chatbots can be real saviors. With Chatbots, you can be present to help your customers more effectively and timely.

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are virtual agents that work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. They analyze the available information and use it come up with a solution from the database. Chatbots can understand and respond to a massive variety of questions that the customers put forward.

How Can Chatbots Help A Business?

Having Chatbots can have a major impact on the customer service of any company. Even when the employees are not physically present at the premises, with Chatbots, your customer doesn’t have to wait until the employee actually receives their query. Chatbots instantly acknowledge the receipt of the query, analyze and understand what the customer is saying, and respond them with the most appropriate answer.

Ada AI Chatbots

Ada is a market leader when it comes to providing high-end Automated Customer Experience (ACX). It is very simple to use for anyone. Whether you have an IT background your not, Ada AI Chatbot can be used without any hassle.

Why Opt For Ada Chatbots?

With so many companies offering their automated customer services features, why should you choose Ada Chatbots? Well, we have listed down the reasons that will surely convince you to integrate Chatbots in their businesses.

  • It is extremely convenient and easy to build and manage. Ada Chatbot is capable of solving more than 70% of the inquiries with content that is personalized to meet the customer’s needs. Ada Chatbots can operate in more 1000 languages.
  • It does not matter what the nature of your business is or what niche you are operating in, Ada Chatbot can be customized as per the needs. Whether it is to engage with the customers regarding scheduling appointments, upgrading services, or making purchases, Ada Chatbot can do it all.
  • In order to enhance the performance, Ada Chatbot can give you real-time insights into topic themes, customer inquiries, and similar aspects so that the company can work towards improving the experience of the customers with the business.
  • Ada Chatbots can interact with the customers in more than 100 languages. No matter what your target audience is, Ada Chatbots can interact with the customers in any language like pros!
  • The user interface is super simple and easy to navigate.
  • With Ada Chatbot, you can let the Chatbot do all the talking. It can pick out words from the sentences you speak or feed into an online portal. The Chatbot will interpret the command and deliver what is needed to satisfy the customers.

With technology advancements and soaring competition, it is necessary that the customers are happy with the services. In a literal sense, it is the customers that run a company, not the other way round!