Summer is almost here! And you know what that means… it’s time for the beach! There’s nothing like bathing on the warm sand with the sound of the ocean waves in the background.

A day at the beach is different from having an entire vacation to the beach. A day trip requires you to bring the essentials the first time – after all, you can’t just pop back to the hotel.

So, here are 10 things you need to bring with you to the beach this summer.


This is perhaps the most important item on the entire list. In the summer, the sun is at its strongest, so you need to make sure you have sunscreen to protect you from getting burned.

No matter your complexion, everyone should apply sunscreen to prevent skin cancer.

This is particularly important for those of you with kids. Ensure you bring sunscreen that is strong enough to withstand even the hottest temperatures.

Your time at the beach should be remembered for the laughs rather than the pains of burnt skin.

Here is a list of the best sunscreens on the market right now.

Water Bottles

If sunscreen wasn’t the most important item on this list, then keeping yourself hydrated certainly is. Make sure you bring a water bottle that can keep the contents cool and doesn’t spill in your travel bag, like this one from Kool8.

It will also save you money as you won’t need to buy any water or extra drinks.

To make it go further, instead of filling to bottle with water, fill it with ice instead.

Check out this list of awesome water bottles here.

Food And Snacks

With drink comes food. If you plan on being at the beach for a while, it’s wise to pack some food and snacks to keep the wolf from the door.

If you pack cold snacks like ice creams, keep them out of the sun in a cool bag. For sandwiches, cut them up into bite size pieces so that if one falls on the floor, the whole sandwich doesn’t get covered in sand.

For other snacks, store them in a clear zip back for the same reasons; keep them cool and safe from the sand.


There are some items of clothing and accessories that are vital to wear at the beach.

Firstly, ensure you have swimsuits for the sea, cover-ups for when the sun gets a bit strong, sandals, sunglasses and a sunhat.

Of course, you can wear a lot more than this, but these are the necessities. For kids, it may be worth bringing some water shoes, so they don’t walk on sharp shells or stones and hurt themselves.

Bug Spray

Unfortunately, while people love the warm weather, so do those annoying bugs and pests that always seem to be buzzing around. The last thing you need to leave the beach with is a series of bite marks that will keep you itching for days.

To prevent this, bring some bug spray with you. Cover your arms and legs to keep them well away from you and your party. You could even look at purchasing a bug spray that contains SPF for protection from the sun too. TravelAndLeisure has a great list of the best bug sprays on the market today.

First Aid Kit

The next item to bring with you to the beach is the first aid kit. It’s best to be prepared for any injury that could come about from exploring rock pools or trips on shells. You never know when you need a bandage or antiseptic wipe to clear a wound.

At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pick one up from your local pharmacy or in most supermarkets.

Toys And Games

Everyone loves to play games at the beach but don’t bring anything that requires a lot of setup. You don’t want to waste valuable beach time assembling a 50-part game when you can have just as much fun with a frisbee or football.

Plus, a frisbee can double up as a pan for searching rock pools for pretty shells and along the beach for fossilized shark teeth. The simpler, the better.

Beach Towels

No doubt you plan on sunbathing while you’re down the beach, so it’s important you bring at least one or two with you – it’s a lot more comfortable lying on a towel than the boiling hot sand.

If swimming in the sea is on your agenda, it’s less than ideal to dry yourself off and then sunbathe on a soaking wet beach towel. You probably don’t want to plant your face in the sand when tanning your back either!

If you bring a couple, set one up in a shaded area when you want a quick break from the sun, and lay the other in the sun for taking in the gorgeous weather.

Multi-purpose Gear

If you feel like your bag is getting awfully full at this point, consider getting some multi-purpose gear to cut down the load.  For those of you that like to sit on the beach but avoid a rug, this Coleman three-in-one folding chair triples us as a cooler and backpack.

Alternatively, you could combine your kids’ clothes and beach towel into a single item. Lands End makes cover-ups that also work as towels. Of course, this is just one brand, but there are plenty of others out there.

Mesh Bags

Finally, pack everything into a mesh bag. They let you see all the contents of the bag so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Also, considering the fact that sand gets EVERYWHERE when you go to the beach, the mesh will allow the sand to fall out at will, rather than just collecting in standard non-mesh bags.

Here is a list of the best mesh bags so you can be prepared for your trip.


Ensure you have these 10 items when you pack for the beach this summer. That way, you won’t feel like you’ve left anything behind and can focus on having an amazing day out.

This article was contributed by Michael Reddy from Digital Authority Partners