Botox is a non-invasive treatment that will leave you feeling comfortable and equipped to go about your day after you undergo the procedure.

Botox is administered by a small needle and doesn’t call for any recovery time. Honestly, this treatment is probably one of the most efficient and painless procedures you’ll probably get done — and it’ll leave you feeling more confident in your appearance. The injection is commonly used to treat wrinkles and frown lines.

Many people have the misconception that Botox has nasty side effects and is incredibly painful —

and this is just not true. Be sure to check this out alongside other research resources to make sure you’re not misinformed when it comes to Botox.

If you are considering getting Botox, be prepared. After your treatment, here are some do’s and don’ts to help make the experience as comfortable as possible for you:

Don’t: Rub Your Face

Do: Be Gentle

Be gentle with your face after you get Botox — don’t massage it or put pressure on it. Let it settle and let your skin recover from the injection.

Don’t: Take a Hot Shower

Do: Keep Temperatures Mild

After getting Botox, it’s best to avoid hot tubs, hot showers, and hot baths. You don’t want to shock or irritate your skin.

Avoiding heat is a good idea because the extreme temperature can bring upon bruising. Don’t worry; you only need to avoid heat for about 24 hours after the procedure — you’ll be able to take a nice relaxing hot shower before you know it.

Don’t: Be Alarmed at Swelling or Bruising

Do: Use an icepack

Skin can swell a little bit after getting Botox, and that’s totally normal — so don’t freak out. You can always use an ice pack to reduce swelling. A little bit of bruising is also normal and will go down after a few hours.

Don’t: Take a Nap Right Away

Do: Stay Upright For a Bit

According to Health & Aesthetics, it’s advised that you don’t lie down for at least four hours after getting your Botox treatment. It’s also important to note that after these four hours, you can sleep in any position you want — you’re not limited.

Don’t: Stiffen Your Face

Do: Try Facial Exercises

You may think to do the opposite, but it’s actually a good idea to move your face after getting Botox. In fact, facial exercises like squinting, frowning and smiling can actually help activate your Botox.

According to LiveStrong, facial exercises you can do include contracting your facial muscles and pursing your lips. It all depends on where you got the injection.

Don’t Do Strenuous Excercise

Do: Walk Around

You can definitely be up and around after you get Botox, just be wary of extreme exercise. Intense exercise after Botox can cause bruising — Pilates, for example, can cause Botox to move into other areas of your face due to its various positions.

This won’t put too much of a wrench in your fitness routine though, because you really only need to stay away from strenuous exercise for about 24 hours. Any time after that, and you’re free to start lifting weights.

Don’t: Expect Results Right Away

Do: Be Patient

If you don’t see any change in 24 hours, don’t freak out. According to Cosmopolitan, it is common to start to see results roughly 3-5 days after getting Botox.

Botox is a non-invasive treatment, and most of these “don’ts” are only applicable to 24 hours after the procedure. For the most part, after getting Botox, you’ll be able to go right back to your routine.