terrorist attack in Israel

Gaza Strip, which is located in the south of Israel, bore all the horror of rocket and mortar shelling by the Hamas for the whole day of summer 2018. Civilians were forced to hid in bomb shelters as shelling hit playgrounds and synagogues – more than 200 missiles in total landed at the city. Since the operation, the “Unbreakable Rock” in 2014, this day has become the hardest for residents. Thanks to the modern warning system “Red Alert” and constant government investments in fortifying bomb shelters, deaths were avoided. But still many people got wounded.

Nevertheless, not only the terrorist attack is shocking but also the lack of the international community reaction. The world society has no response to what happened or condemnation of terrorists. Otherwise, they even gave Israel a hard time for extensive self-defense. But if something like that occurred in any European city, there would have been a vast immediate reaction.

Such actions of the Hamas terrorist organization are not entirely new. They have caused a fire of 7.5 thousand acres of Israeli land before. Besides, Palestinian terrorists regularly try to enter the country, but the world community stays silent. Even the media is butchering the situation, making Palestinians victims, and their violent attacks – peaceful actions.

terrorist attack in Israel

Mr. Sloutsker, the president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, calls out to stop actions of the terrorists. He emphasizes that such mass violent Hamas attacks are the result of world politics. Global community condemns Israel for extensive self-defense, but they support and justify the actions of the terrorist organization. They are not holding it accountable under the law. Also, there is no reaction to the committed crimes. That is giving Hamas the green light to continue its aggression against Israeli civilians. Besides, there were not any statements from human rights organizations even though firing rockets at civilians, playgrounds, synagogues cannot be called a peaceful action.

Iran, a sponsor, and supplier of weapons and someone that calls for the destruction of Israel, also did not respond to the situation. According to Vladimir Sloutsker, Israel has the full right to protect their people during such attacks. If something like that happened in any European country, an immediate reaction and condemnation of actions would follow. But in this case, the international community chose to stay silent. That is why it is essential to draw attention to this problem and unite our forces in the fight against anti-Semitism.