There are many places that can benefit from CBD oil, and the university is one of them. Many university students carry a lot of stress — you may be going to school full time, working full time, and trying your best to maintain your social life all at the same time. CBD oil may be beneficial if you’re experiencing undue stress from this process. Here’s how you can use CBD oil in the best way possible as a university student.

Check With Your University Guidelines

The first step should always be to check with your university. Different universities have different requirements regarding what kind of CBD may be allowable, and it’s best not to fall on the wrong side of the rules when it comes to these requirements.

Most universities allow CBD of some kind, whether it’s full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. If the university handbook doesn’t have any information, don’t be afraid to go to a guidance counselor or another staff member so you can ask for clarification.

Look Into Your State Legality

State legality is another important thing to take into consideration. Different states regulate CBD differently, which means you could end up with a type of CBD that’s illegal in one area, but wholly legal in another, and you might not even know it.

The state legality can be a little confusing, and states are constantly changing. Even if your state currently only allows CBD isolate, chances are that within the next few years, you might be able to see the laws change to allow all kinds of CBD.

Determine How You’ll Take CBD Oil

You might never have thought of this, but there are multiple ways to take CBD oil. These are some you might want to think about.

  • As Needed

Many people take CBD as needed. When you take CBD as needed, you’ll carry around a method of CBD with you. This method may be capsules, gummies, or just oil. Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed with stress or anxiousness, you can take some of the CBD, and it may be able to help you with that overwhelming feeling.

  • Regularly

Another method of taking CBD is to take it on a regular schedule. With this method, you take it at the same time every day, whether it’s at night, in the morning, or another time. With regular CBD oil, you’re more likely to have the CBD in your system at all times, which can make it more reliable for helping with these problems.

  • Both

Possibly the best way of taking CBD is to take it both regularly and as needed. You can start with a regular pattern, taking it at the same time every day, and then add CBD as needed if you feel like a specific situation is getting out of hand. With this method of handling your CBD intake, you’re much more likely to have control over your anxiousness.

Purchase Only High-Quality CBD Oil

The last point is that you should only purchase high-quality CBD oil. Too many people skimp out on their CBD oil and end up with a product that’s very low-quality. Low-quality supplements, including CBD oil, can have useless or straight-up harmful fillers, which can completely negate any benefits from the CBD.

Instead, consider CBD oil from a reputable resource like Charlotte’s Web. When you utilize a reputable location for your CBD oil, you’re more likely to get something that’s very high-quality and therefore much more useful. Even if you’re on a tight budget, remember that it’s better to get nothing at all than to get a low-quality product that doesn’t work.


For many university students, CBD oil is a great way to handle the stress of the university as a whole. It’s important that you take this process when you’re interested in using CBD oil because there are definitely plenty of places that things could go wrong. As long as you utilize a reputable source like Charlotte’s Web and you maintain a CBD routine, your CBD oil experiences can be very high-quality.