Decorating a home is an art, and not all the people have the talent to add value to the aesthetics of a house from both outside and inside. Interior designing has a broad scope and vision. It is not only about creating a home that gives a new look, but it is also about maintenance of existing features that become its character with time.

There are many interior design tricks and accessories which you can use to give your home a refreshing new look. It is not necessary to spend a heavy amount on renovating your old or new home. There are some interior design tricks that can help you save your precious money and still give a great look to the exterior and the interior of your house.

Following are some of the smart interior designing tips which can help you to flex the beauty of your home:

Room Color Combination for Smaller Room

The living room is a place where we spend the best part of our day. It has often been noticed that too much clutter makes the size of the living room seem small or cramped up. You can maximize small living space with either large windows, light-colored walls, or proper use of the daylight, etc. The natural light coming in from large windows will combine with the light color combination to create a spacious look for your room. The use of darker colors doesn’t give a room a spacious look. Therefore it is better to avoid darker colors even in the presence of large windows and mirrors. The use of matching curtains also plays a crucial role in giving a great look to your home. You need to know the exact length of the windows in your room. At the end of the day, the selection of the right tools is made to measure curtains in a hassle-free way. Once you complete the measurements of the windows, you can opt for different color combinations and great-looking fabrics to cover them with amazing curtains.

Decorative Mirrors

The use of decorative mirrors is also an interesting trick to give your room a spacious and fresh look. The large windows in the room allow the daylight to reflect through decorative mirrors and flaunt a spacious and luxurious look of your room. The decorative mirrors can also be used as a piece of art or to fill the empty space in the wall.

Mix up patterns and textures

It is always a great idea to mix up your interior designs with old antiques and new-fashion-designed items. If you have an antique Chippendale desk of your grandfather, it is good to place it in the room as a decorative item which also reflects your rich taste and personality. It tells about your past and also cherishes your old memories. You can also contrast it with a modern couch which provides additional options. The modern couch also reflects your artistic sense. This unique combo will highlight your impressive artistic sense to the guests visiting your home.

Slip Covers

Putting slipcovers on sofas is also an interesting idea to magnify the interior designing of your home. Although it looks a bit bad rap, but it can produce some wonderful outcomes. These slipcovers are easy to remove and allow you to try different combinations and various supplicated look. Another advantage with slipcovers is that they are ideal for rooms which are frequently used by children.


A basket like the Wicker Baskets is also an option to add sophistication storage to your room. These wicker baskets can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them as a storage option for kids’ toys, displaying books, magazines, or placing towels or blankets, etc. You can also place some small wicker baskets on the countertops and also place in your kitchen to store some fruits and vegetables.

Decoration with Used Items

It is also important that you should use items for decoration which you already have. It is common that we have items in our house, which are packed in boxes. Many of such items stay packed for the lifetime and never see the sunlight. It is suggested that before opting for buying new accessories from the nearby store, it is better to take a look at your forgotten boxes and check what you have in your possession which can be used to decorate your home. The items like trays, acrylic, metal or silver, wooden if available in your home can be used at the top of luggage racks, tea carts, coffee tables, etc. Another idea is to place children’s books in nurseries, children’s room, or their bathroom. Most of the time, people have no idea how much-hidden items can do wonders with your home decoration.

Hanging Pot

Kitchens are one of the most important places in a home where. It is considered to be warm and more appealing place as it reflects the artistic sense of the homeowner. It can be a great idea to install hanging pots in the kitchen to give it a unique look. In addition, you can also place some cups or utensils on the hanging pots. It will give you an advantage that by placing cups or utensils on hanging pots, you will get some extra space in your kitchen cabinets to store more items there.

Go Green with Plants

How can we miss the use of plants while decorating a home? Having plants at different nukes and corners of the house, whether in small or good quantity, will not only fill up the empty spaces but also provide the much-needed fresh look and clean environment. The best part of having plants in the room is that they absorb pollution and remove harmful gases from the air. It looks very appealing and pleasing to the eyes. It should become mandatory for every homeowner to place plants in their homes to create a pollution-free environment.

Use of Paint or Wallpaper

The use of bright colors is an important part of an interior designing plan. You may be with reshuffling the color of your bookcase, which can bring life to somewhat boring space. The use of paint on bookcase doesn’t need much investment because you will not need to paint a big area. The inside area of closets, cupboards, and ceilings can also be painted in bright colors.

Use of Rugs

The use of rugs on the floor with good matching or contrasting textures can give a pleasant outlook of your home. It becomes more viable if you place good quality rugs on hardwood floors as it will soften up the look. There are many options available in rugs with different qualities like cotton, washable rugs, which will be effective in a home which has to cope with children.


Designing the interior of a home is not just a walk in the park. You may either hire the services of a decent interior designer or you can do it yourself after doing proper research on the Internet and elsewhere. The above-mentioned tips can help you a great deal in giving the interiors of your house a new direction.