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The most exciting day of your life, perhaps you don’t want to make it cliché. The romance, the stress, the arrangements, the pressure – all are coming up together, whether it is the wedding dress, the menu, or the venue. The list continues to grow as you plan to make it the most memorable event of your life. However, during the course of your planning, you should look after the budgets. One thing which often used to be ignored or was less thought about as seriously as it is now is the wedding cards. And yes, it has been a complete reinvention of the wheel or let’s say it has been well covered by the millennials. There is a huge budget involved sometimes, and then the whole environment-friendly concept makes it popular. Let’s read and explore the 10 innovative ways to invite your guests to the wedding.

Handwritten Invitations:

Well, every other wedding card has to be traditionally printed through machines and designed by the latest technology, but very few people think out-of-the-box and go for the handwritten cards. These handwritten invitations are best if you’re having a mini, casual wedding. It’s completely fine to handwrite invites yourself or by friends, which will give a personalized touch the whole process. You don’t even have to use calligraphy. If you or someone close to you have nice handwriting, you are good to go. And it can also keep you from spending your hard-earned money on printing cards. But then again, for a larger and formal wedding, you may not want to have the handwritten idea since it may not be able to match the style. But for a small, intimate wedding, handwritten invites are just the best.

Scratch The Date Card Invitations:


Remember when we were children or even as adults, we loved scratching for lottery tickets. Accept it! We all do get super excited about them, even if we know we’re not going to win a prize! So how cool could it be to keep your wedding date a mystery while your guests have to scratch a particular area on the card to get to know the date? It definitely is a superb idea for a Save the Date Card!

Invites With Blow Up Balloons:

As cheesy now this may sound, it is cute. No one will know the details of the event until they don’t blow up a balloon, while the text will be stretched and become clear. This idea is so very creative and adorable to see it.

Laser-Cut Wedding Cards:

Ever thought of surprising your guests with shapes and details of letters, the best thing available is to use laser cutting, which surely will wow the guests. In this method, the woods are used, and with the help of laser, the detailing is given according to the consumers’ demand. This idea for wedding cards is common nowadays and even very amazing for the wedding invitations.

Vintage Themed Stationary:

How about recalling the vintage era. You can set a tone and theme for the grand day. Since your classy style may be made up of mismatched details, consider highlighting one of your wedding colors or a motif you plan to use in other design elements to create a sense of consistency. The vintage wedding invitation card would look extraordinary good, and it would also create a scene of 80’s wedding.

Puzzle Wedding Invite:

All everyone receives is a card and a bag mentioning your name. It further asks the person to complete a jigsaw. As soon as they start pulling it off, their instant reaction would be worth the watch. And as soon as they do, they will get to see all the wedding details! How cool is that? Right!

Calendar Invites:


This fun save-the-date invitations help everyone remember the date more easily with a little calendar on the back. It would be great for pinning on the notice board or to put on the fridge, and surely you are more likely to get a better response following the full invitations.

Exploding Box:

If you are ready to make an extraordinary impression, this exploding box idea will give everyone plenty of space for the event details along with the relevant information. Also, this whole idea of the box turning into a sweet and unsuspecting surprise doesn’t take up too much room.

Spread the Word through Social Media:

Try something different while caring about the environment too. Social media platform gives you many advantages to make your message creatively delivered with an RSVP. It is convenient, it’s accessible, and yes it’s free too and to further the milage you can always use your very own WeddingHashtagGenerator. Almost everyone in our circle has a smartphone. Most of the people around us are active users of different social media platforms. It sounds like a great idea to create a frenzy on social media about your big day. Moreover, you may also request your guests to upload the pictures they take in the event on the social media using the hashtag that you have created. It would put all the related media at one single place.

Wedding Invite That Becomes A Plane:

This idea may make much sense when you get them initially- they look a bit confusing, but as soon as a cut or fold along the lines, you get a plane or an origami, which has all the details and makes so much sense and fun at the same time! An amazing way to make your wedding memorable right from the start!

Moreover, for a moment, step outside-the-box and try one of the most interesting ideas for your grand event, and you may find that you get a better response. The more you go creative, the more you are going to have fun on your wedding day. The main purpose of wedding invitations is to let everyone know about your wedding day. If you’re able to catch their attention, you’re simply going to enjoy their company on the day that matters the most in the lives of many.