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Video productions use teleprompters to provide presenters with an easy way to read their scripts while maintaining eye contact with the audience. Unlike cue cards, teleprompters are positioned strategically so that the presenter won’t have to glance away from the camera, making them an invaluable device for almost any production.

Teleprompters make it easier for presenters to deliver their lines perfectly. When there’s just too much material to memorize and not enough time to memorize them, which is usually the case with certain types of productions, having a teleprompter helps minimize errors or embarrassing mishaps.

If you’re looking to invest in a good teleprompter for your own video productions, there is a wide range of teleprompters that are currently available on the market. Once you’ve purchased your own, you can maximize its use in shoots with these helpful tips.

10 Teleprompter Tips for Video Shoots

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