Adding a new component to a smart home is an exciting process that many modern homeowners have come to enjoy. With the festive season in full swing and 2020 upon us, right now is the perfect time for people to upgrade and renovate their homes both technologically and aesthetically. A home heat recovery system (HHRS) is one kind of smart home feature that has become popular in recent years due to the comfort and health benefits it provides. With that said, here are three reasons why an HHRS is an ideal addition to any smart home:

1. Cleaner Indoor Air

Once you have complete control over your smart home’s appliances and systems, why not establish a smarter system for keeping the air fresh and clean? Home heat recovery systems let you keep your home warm while also providing an influx of filtered air. According to BPC Ventilation, one of the leading providers of home heat recovery systems in Ireland, many homeowners install these systems to reduce indoor air pollution. As such, this renovation is perfectly aligned with the goals of most eco-conscious and health-oriented homeowners.

2. More Oxygen Makes You More Alert

Warm air that’s trapped in the home can stagnate and become high in Co2 during the winter, leading to a stuffy and congested indoor environment. Studies have shown that low indoor oxygen levels can lead to impaired cognitive performance. In other words, fresh air makes you more alert, while stuffy air causes drowsiness and fatigue. Anyone who is upgrading their home in an intelligent manner should consider any addition that will make their home more conducive to thinking and problem-solving.

3. Long-Term Health Benefits

Going for a walk or opening the windows to get some fresh air is a temporary solution because most people spend the majority of their time in their home. Even if you’re only sleeping at home, that still represents about a third of every 24-hour period when you’ll be breathing the air in your home. Installing an HHRS ensures that not only will the air in your home be just as clean as the air outside, in many places it will be even cleaner. Of course, an HHRS is most beneficial for people who live in a colder climate where there’s a frequent need for heating.

Keeping Up with Industry Standards

Every smart homeowner wants to keep their home updated with the latest appliances, devices, and systems. Installing an HHRS makes sense from that perspective because it’s likely that a significant portion of homes will be adopting this technology during the next 1-2 decades. Making your home one of the first to get in on the wave will make it a more appealing and modern property overall. There’s really no benefit in putting off the installation of an HHRS other than the fact that it would save you money in the short-term. However, most smart homeowners are willing to invest in features that will enhance their home’s environment and functionality, so the expense is really an afterthought when you consider the three benefits listed above.