Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Lawyer

Those people who want to apply for immigration, get a residency or legal status, have to complete an application process. However, it is quite impossible to do all this by yourself, and it is easier if you hire an immigration lawyer. In this article, we will discuss the cost to hire an immigration lawyer.

Immigration lawyers are generally not too expensive. They are aware of the fact that people are quite distressed and want to get done with their work as soon as possible. This is why they usually adjust their fees according to the customer’s requirement.

How expensive are immigration lawyers?

Initially, there is a fee for the lawyer’s services. The initial lawyer’s fee can be between a hundred to four hundred. There are some immigration lawyers who do not charge consultation fees so you can get free advice from some of the lawyers.

This an added advantage for those who want to avoid the consultation fees. In this way, one can avoid the consultation fees. However, it is very important to inquire about the reputation and work of the immigration lawyer before signing any contract or agreement.

The cost of immigration lawyers

In the United States the fees for green card service for a fiancé visa can be anywhere between 750 to 2000 dollars. A marriage based green card visa will cost between 800 to 4000 dollars.

Some immigration lawyers also charge on an hourly basis. This is not a good idea as much focus will be on the number of hours instead of good service. The hourly cost of an immigration lawyer is between 100 to 350 dollars.

Those immigration lawyers who are quite reputable and reliable might have a higher fee. However, every individual has the complete right to choose the kind of immigration lawyer he can afford.

Are immigration lawyers important today?

As per the report of UN population Confession, there exist around 200 million international immigrants. Among these, more than half of immigrants are living without proper documents and so are there through illegal ways. The trend of immigration is increasing day by day. People are looking for speedy immigration for the purpose of enjoying the benefits of living abroad. They also desire to getting nationality so that they can enjoy retirement and other benefits for the education of their children.

Around 80% of the immigration plans are based on financial aspirations and real documents. Those immigrants who are a hard worker and follow the accurate steps after proper research will become capable to obtain immigration quickly.

This proves that the need for good immigration lawyers is increasing day by day. There is a dire need to hire immigration lawyers as they will smoothen the entire immigration plan. They will make sure that your immigration is done as soon as possible.

The fees for every immigration lawyer is different. Some charger a higher fee, some lower while some extremely reasonable. You should do proper research before signing a contract with an immigration lawyer.