There is nothing more dreadful than experiencing a plumbing issue at home. The fact that the plumbing is one of the important components of the house, even the smallest issues can leave you shorthanded. The complexity of the plumbing system and the risks are the serious obstacles to fixing the problems. Every homeowner faces major issues, yet no one realizes until they become a significant threat to the property. Some major plumbing issues require professional assistance to fix the problems properly. While some can be fixed earlier when identified. Issues like running faucets, low water pressure, and leakage make up to the major household problems.

It is recommended to perform monthly inspections to find any issues or leakage in the plumbing of your house. There is no need to panic when spotting an issue because there are many DIY hacks to resolve the daily plumbing problems. Avoiding the problems beforehand is a prestigious approach to prevent serious damage and costs for repairs. The plumbing issues not only damage your property but also withdraws cash with larger bills and investment for repairs. With that said, let’s discuss 5 ways to resolve everyday plumbing issues at your home.


Many homeowners report issues like slow sink drainage. In fact, the main issue is caused by the clogs inside the drainage, which acts as an obstacle for water. The pop-up drainage can get easily clogged because of the grease, hairs, and debris. These objects hinder the water flow, which results in the slow drainage.

Fix for the slow drainage is also quite simple. All you need to do is to open the pop-up and clean the sink drain with vinegar or baking soda. You will be required to open the screw in the middle of the sink drain and then clean it for the grease and debris. If the problem persists, you can consider the professional Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Dallas to fix it for you. Moreover, one way to prevent this issue is by avoiding tossing everything in the sink. Items like eggshells, oil, and utensils can promote the clogs in the drain, leading to slowing the water flow.


Dripping faucets is one of the most common issues reported by the homeowners. If you have listened to the dripping sounds of water into your sink in midnight, then you have the leaking faucet. Many people ignore the issue of dripping faucets, which later leads to serious problems for the plumbing.

According to research, the dripping faucets waste more than 9,400 gallons of water each year. These figures explain the importance of fixing faucets and preventing major plumbing issues. Every homeowner can easily fix their faucets with just a wrench. The dripping is caused by the damaged washer and can be fixed by replacing it with a new one. Force open the washer with the wrench and then replace it with a new one. After replacing, clean your faucet with a piece of cloth and inspect further for any leaks. Also, check the water pressure and adjust it to your requirements.


If you are facing issues like slow flushing water in your toilet bowl, then you have a clogged toilet drain. The toilet clogs are something that no one wants to experience in their lives. Ignoring the toilet clogs can lead to serious damages and promotes pungent smells. One way to fix the problem is by making use of a plunger and bleach to unclog the toilet. But, still, that is not it. Since you have not removed the blockage, the toilet will block again. Wear rubber gloves and use the plunger to push out the blockage that is blocking the flow of water.

The toilet clogs are caused by throwing everything into the bowls. The toilet bowls are designed to flush human waste only. They cannot flush the wastes like feminine wipes, soap covers, which obstructs inside the toilet drain and damages the sewerage.


Do you know that the running toilets waste up to 200 gallons of water each day? The running toilet is considered as one of the most frustrating household plumbing issues. One reason for that is the problem directly impacts on your water bills. Ignoring the problem makes it even more complex to fix it. There are many simple homeowner fixes to solve the running toilets issues. At first, you will need to start with a thorough inspection of the flush. The flush is the most prominent cause of the running toilet because they easily break with a simple jerk.

Turn off the water supply valve under the toilet to avoid any accident. Simply replacing the flush valve will fix the problem of the running toilets. Plus, also consider the standard size of the flush valve, which is 3.5 inches. This valve can be installed by using a simple wrench. If you still have no luck that it might be the time to call a professional plumber.


The start of the winter seasons also invites major issues like the water heater. Many professionals recommend accessing the water heater prior to the winters to avoid any problems throughout the season. These problems include the fluctuation in hot water, low water pressure, and many more. These issues are caused by the sediments build-up inside the water heater tank. These sediments block the passage of water, which reduces hot water pressure.

Surprisingly there is a simple DIY solution to the problem. Homeowners can solve the issue by simply attaching a hose to the drain of the heater. Put the other end of the hose outside the house to allow the water to drain all the water with the sediments. Opening one of the taps in your house will trigger the drainage process, and all the water will be drained outside.


Plumbing issues are never meant to be avoided and must be taken under consideration at the right time. Avoiding plumbing issues can lead to a serious accident. Considering these tips to resolve the daily plumbing problems can save a lot of cost and time.