Whether you are at home, in an office, or in a classroom, air conditioners are almost always present. This luxury good is in high demand, whatever the climate may be. People are getting used to air conditioners because it gives you the ability to control the temperature in any room you might be in. It is also necessary to choose the right air conditioning brand.

Before choosing which brand you want, you have to know the benefits of getting an air conditioner. There are many benefits of good air conditioning, such as the improvement of air quality.

Air conditioners have the power to filter the air; thus, they remove any pollutants and mold from the air and reduce mildew and allergens. Another benefit is that the filters effectively keep out insects and bugs. This leads to better working, sleeping, or just lounging environment for you and your pets.

You will have a more peaceful and relaxed space when it is adjusted to a cooler temperature. Also, it protects furniture from the humidity that accompanies the heat. It also keeps your electronic devices from overheating.

Next, finding the right air conditioner brand is crucial because there are so many to choose from. Here is a list narrowing down five of the best air conditioning brands. But Total HVAC Service has made your task easier, and you can find a free estimation from them.

Which is The Best Air Conditioner Brand for You?

1. Daikin

This is a Japanese multinational company that has successfully earned its spot at the top. Daikin is the only air conditioning brand that specializes in manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service and refrigerants. Japanese technology used is efficient and effective.

It can produce any temperature from -31°F to 176°F. There is a wide variety of what this brand can give you. It preserves at its lowest temperature, it keeps operations or technology stable, it provides comfort in the workplace or household, and it supplies hot water.

Daikin can also provide better air quality in any space may it be a household, a hospital, a factory, a stadium, a skyscraper, or even a whole district. Daikin features humidification and dehumidification, air purification, human-detecting, auto filter cleaning, and remote monitoring.

2. Hitachi

Another Japanese brand with state of the art technology. Its features include a self-cleaning system, and it provides effective cooling. This brand focuses on sustainability with lower power consumption technology that reduces greenhouse gases. Its VRF product design makes conserves energy in the long-term, and it is less costly. This then ensures long term savings with little maintenance. It is suitable for every climate. It has the capacity to control low and high temperatures that is smooth and efficient. It has a sound rating that is low as 51 dBA.

3. Voltas

This company based in India. It is known for producing air conditioning for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It takes pride in its efficient cooling capabilities at a reasonable price. Its features include a two-stage steady compressor that operates on a two-stage inverter that enables you to minimize the cost of your air conditioner.

This allows a wider range application that can work at a temperature as high as 55°. This brand also has good filters that are two way, four-way, or seven-way in order to get rid of pollutants that make you prone to allergies. Voltas has a cross airflow vent, which means that the air goes through the vent, the air condenser, and then the room.

The turbo cooling mode provides instant cooling for the room. Another feature is the intelligent sleep mode that offers four kinds that control the temperature for you for uninterrupted sleep.

4. American Standard

This is an American brand that can be used for any climate. It has a compressor that serves as a heat pump in cold climates and other basic functions cool the room. It has a low initial purchase cost in comparison to other brands, and it can function with generic parts, which makes it easier to repair in case it breaks.

However, the low initial cost is lost in installation charges. The compressors are actually prone to break down, although it is well protected. Their single-stage compressor quickly cools a room, but it comes at the expense of high energy consumption. Its sound profile can go as low as 35 dBA but there are brands that are quieter.

5. Blue Star

One of the leading brands in India, Blue Star, has a great reputation as one of the most innovative air conditioning company in India. There is a variety of air conditioners that Blue Star offers, and what makes them great is that it also has VRF systems.

It is also good at maintaining energy efficiency. Since they stopped using R22 refrigerants, they started using R32 and R410 refrigerants, which makes the models more eco-friendly. And when you lose the remote, you can use your smartphone to control the air temperature whenever you want. Just make sure that they are both paired.

Out of the five brands, Daikin is rated as the number on air conditioning brand because of its quality, service, and global presence. Its advanced features are what set them apart from the rest of the other brands mentioned above. So if you are looking for a brand that checks off the criteria for a good air conditioner, try considering all of the pros mentioned above and judge for yourself.