In a world where videos are an invaluable asset, a personalized video has all the ingredients to woo your clients. These videos contain a dash of personal elements like the viewer’s name, email, company name/job title, logo, etc.

Whether you are creating product demonstrations or how to videos, customizing them allows you to strike a personal chord with your clients. It is a sure-fire way to delight the viewers, catch their attention, and make a home in their minds.

Personalized videos are not limited to business environments alone. One can even use them to wish their friends and family members on a special occasion. These videos also make great party favors to mark any celebration!

In this post, you will see how you can personalize videos and win over your customers or loved ones.

7 Best Practices to Personalize Your Videos

Naturally, it is not feasible to create a large number of personalized videos for every receiver. Video makers can achieve personalization by leveraging technology, creating a template video, and reusing it for various recipients. Thus, you can send the same video to a 1000 people, while giving the appearance that the video is specially crafted for them.

Here are some great tips on making your videos more personalized:

Utilize Customer Data for Personalization

Customer demographics allow you to hyper-personalize your video content based on the receiver’s age, gender, and location. Metrics regarding customer behavior can offer in-depth insight into their spending patterns, which can help you target them at the most convenient time. With the customer data available, you can modify video content, language, accents, captions, etc. depending on their preferences.

Start With the Good Stuff

Waiting until the end of the video to display the personalization elements? The chances are that you have lost your viewer already!

Make it a point to personalize the video right off the bat.

If there is something that you want your viewers to see, you should keep it in the first few frames of your video.

Typically, an average viewer offers undivided attention for a mere 8.25 seconds before they start getting distracted or bored. That means that precious time is ticking, and nobody is seeing or acknowledging your efforts. Continue adding personalized moments at four to six instances of the video.

In this regard, it always helps to start with personalization so that the audience remains intrigued. Then one instance in the middle to kindle their attention and one personalized element near the end to reward the viewer for watching the whole thing.

Keep it Short

Whether you make use of an animated explainer video or a photo slideshow with music, it is essential to keep the video short and to the point. Even though you may be making use of personalization elements, you do not enjoy infinite attention. Thus, it is vital to get to the point and keep the viewer hooked.


The video duration could range from 90 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the type of video and the nature of your business. You can keep the length 5 minutes or less to be on the safe side.

Make Emails the Go-To Medium

Companies send out emails for so many occasions. Customers receive emails as event invites, product announcements, nurture emails, holiday and season’s greetings, and so much more!

Combining personalized video with email marketing is a winning formula. Emails containing personalized videos in the initial email campaign can boost your open rates on a massive scale. For inactive users, touching base with personalized videos can increase open rates by five times when compared to standard email outreach methods.

It is a good practice to include the word “Video” in your email subject line to make it more likely to attract clicks. You not only enjoy better click-through rates but will register a decrease in user unsubscription.

Show Your Human Side

Customers who are currently at the mouth of your funnel are probably hearing about your business for the first time. So how about introducing yourself? Introductory videos are an excellent way to break the ice and allow the viewer to warm up to you. People like knowing the faces behind the business.

Breaking out in an impromptu monologue about how great your product is will probably scare off your clients. Humanize your business by talking about your experience at the company, your personal likes/dislikes, or anything that may help you grab their interest. If you operate as a team, introduce the team members and have them talk about themselves. Of course, this strategy works for personalized onboarding videos.

Test and Optimize Videos

Before you are ready to click on the “Send” button of your personalized video marketing campaign, it is always wise to test your video first. Make sure that it is compatible across various devices and browsers.

You may share the video internally or amongst your friends to check if the process plays out effortlessly. You may even use this exercise to gather honest feedback on the ways through which you can add improvements.

Include a CTA

The Call to Action (CTA) is a vital part of any marketing campaign. Naturally, you would want the audience to respond and take action. This action could be anything from sharing the video to signing up for a free trial.

Embed the CTA within your video to encourage the viewers and give them a little nudge. Make sure that the CTA is clear, actionable, and immediate. A personalized video without a CTA is a missed opportunity.


Video personalization is a lot more than using the correct name for the client; it is about keeping the video in line with the customer requirements. Thus, it has emerged as a solid marketing strategy. It is the best response to people’s needs for genuine and authentic communication over scripted, generic outreach.

Brands have reported 8x improvement in CTR with a personalized video. Therefore, many companies are making use of personalized videos to increase their audience base and subsequently catalyze business growth.

It just goes to say that it’s time to get personal!