Many experiences may require legal clearance from the necessary authorities. This may be when you want to go to a foreign country, as a court order, and you want to apply for an important document.

This is always done to declare you free from any criminal charges that you may be accused of when undertaking what you ought to. Rather than the average traditional manner of exercising this from the authorities’ offices, an online portal provides this. Below are the necessary steps that one should take when taking this national police check.

Select the criminal history check type

There are different types of criminal checks online. Depending on your needs, you need to choose what you require carefully. The types of criminal checks are; criminal record check, judicial matters check, and vulnerable sector record check. In instances of employment, you may be required to produce a criminal record check. There are essential details that are screened when undertaking this process. If, in any case, you are declared of having a bad criminal record, you will be required to avail yourself in court and be cleared of any evident allegations. Failure to do this, you will fail to get the clearance certificate, hence declaring a negative police criminal record.

Pay and fill out the application form

There is a national police check provided on the portal. You are required to provide your details as well as answer the questions necessary. Depending on the country that you are in, the payment to the service differs. The form will not be legible for use until you confirm payment. You have to be waring of sites that are operated by fraudsters. If you are not careful about this, you may end up paying or the right service from the wrong service provider.

Providing your documents

Unlike the traditional manner of application where you provide photocopies of your documents, the portal requires the applicant to scan the original documents. When doing this, ensure you understand whatever is required. This is to ensure that you have all the documents well provided and at the right time. It is important to note that producing counterfeit documents may lead to being charged in a court of law. Always ensure that you have all your documents professionally provided.


When you are cleared and ascertained to be free of my criminal record, your certificate will be available and free to get online. This may take place after a specific duration. Information on when to have your certification is provided when making the application. One must know if it is downloadable. If not, you can have the original copy from the national police check services.

You have to ensure that it has a government watermark. This is the only way to prove that it is original.

The national police check is an essential service to undertake. This is why you need to follow the above-provided steps to ensure that you have the legal document in the best way.