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A personalized engraving is a fantastic way to add that extra something to a piece of jewelry or other precious gifts, and something many people chose to have done when purchasing items such as wedding rings, special occasion jewelry, and both wedding and christening gifts.

While it’s usually quite easy to decide on the numbers, age, dates or designs you would like on a special item; most people are not aware that there are several different styles of engraving available. As each produces a different look, it’s worth getting to know more about each of them, so you can ultimately make the best choice possible.

What does engraving involve?

Basically, engraving is a term used to describe the etchings made into materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and various metals such as gold and platinum. It is used to convey a message, create a special memory, add interest, or give a plain piece some texture.

Archaeologists have evidence of engravings done during the Roman Empire and traditionally used to make wooden printing blocks or decorative images on metal plating. These days, however, most engraving is onto glass, metal objects like tankards and money boxes, or various types of jewelry.

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Popular engraving styles

Not all items are suitable for all kinds of engraving styles or methods, and as each produces a different result, it’s important to get good advice from experts like Nelson Coleman engraving services on which choice is best for an item you want to have engraved.

Information on hand engraving services

Usually the only option for items which are either family heirlooms or have high sentimental value, your chosen design is engraved using specialist tools including a scraper, split stick, and graver. The tools are designed to be customizable to the person using them.

Information on machine engraving services

This, or a laser, are the best methods for hollow items, and machine engraving is usually the cheapest option. A machine with a diamond tip pen is used to inscribe words or items in small items such as rings, but it is usually only workable with the simplest of fonts, such as Times New Roman and Helvetica. Dedicated engraving businesses make use of specialist machines which use software allowing for much re intricate designs to be engraved than is possible with hand engraving.

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Information on laser engraving services

This method offers the most contemporary options, such as opting for fingerprints or a sound wave of a favorite song to be engraved on a piece of jewelry (or many other things). Laser engraving services are the most flexible as they can reproduce both ultra-modern and traditional tasks. From the standard wedding dates inside rings to the unusual option of engraving images from an actual photograph, or adding a personalized engraving on a pair of spectacles, pretty much anything is possible with laser engraving services. You have a lot of leeway with materials too, as everything from precious metals to titanium and acrylic is considered suitable.

A standard laser engraving machine is made up of three major parts: the laser, a controller, and the surface – known as ‘the ring.’ The actual laser looks like a large pencil, and its beam is what is used to create the pattern of images or words chosen for the item to be engraved. The laser is operated by a real person, even though it may harness technology as necessary. Each laser job requires someone to control it, as the speed and intensity applied depends on what kind of surface is being used.

Engraving inspiration

If your engraving task is standard, say having a date and prize name etched onto a trophy, then the main decision will probably be to choose between fonts. Companies offering laser engraving services usually have a good range of fonts you can consider, both modern and more traditional, and some will consider fonts they don’t have if you can supply an example. Engraving in foreign languages is another option many engraving companies offer.

For objects which require a unique engraving service, it’s worth keeping in mind that the smaller the target item, the clearer the image or pattern needs to be. It’s best to avoid faint lines and very intricate designs on jewelry such as rings; think bold, or silhouette rather than a traditional image.

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Popular engraving ideas

· Names engraved on the inside or outside of wedding rings.

· Word engraved across both wedding rings, so they form a sentence when they are put together.

· A personal message, quote or phrase, or something unique such as a fingerprint* on suitable jewelry (or other items). *If this engraving service is offered the ink pad etc. will be provided for you.

· Inscriptions on watches. Names are a popular engraving choice for fob watches which are often worn by nurses, and make popular nursing graduation gifts.

· Gifts such as a silver spoon, keepsake, jewelry, or money box for babies on their baptism/christening day, often engraved with their name and the date.

Final thoughts

There’s no doubting that laser engraving has become the most popular option of all three, with nearly 50% of all items personalized in a year making use of this approach, but that doesn’t mean there’s no call for machine and hand engraving anymore. There will always be a need for intricate engraving jobs which require the particular skills and detail only they can offer.

Meanwhile, though laser engraving is growing the market, you are responding to the recent fairy emergence of what is already becoming a well-established trend to create bespoke items. So if the idea of a wooden wall hanging depicting a meaningful poem or lyrics of s song, or photo frame engraved with personal details, a special message, or a unique design, then the option is there for you to have it done in an easy and affordable way.