Plumbing Problems – What To Do When You Spot A Leak


Finding a leak in your home can signify big problems if left unattended. Even what may seem to be a small issue at first can result in serious damage over time. Therefore, it is imperative to take action when you spot a leak, whether it is coming from a household tap, in your roof, a wastewater leak from the bathroom or kitchen or any other sources.

Water damage can be seriously detrimental to a home, so it is essential to get in touch with a plumber when the occasion calls for it. Do not try to take on plumbing without any formal training unless you feel confident the damage is minimal.

Take a look at the following advice on what to do when you find a leak in your home so you can fix the problem as soon as possible and make sure to protect your home for the future.

Immediate Action

First things first, although coming across a leak in your home can be a stressful situation, it is important to stay calm and act quickly to minimise the damage that could be caused.

If you find a heavy leak, the initial step is to turn off the water supply at the mains to stop losing excess water. If you do not have access to the main system, turn off all taps, showers, hoses, and other sources in order to reduce water loss.

If the leak is not a burst pipe or it isn’t flowing water, you should try to find out where it is coming from and what type of leak it is. You can do this by turning off different water sources at a time and locating the source. This will help when it comes to fixing the problem because you will be prepared with the correct tools and necessary know-how.

The next step is to check the water meter, if you have access to it, to determine whether there is a plumbing leak in your home.

Next Steps To Fix A Leak

Before making any headway on the cleaning process, make sure to document the leak and any damage well, using video and photography, to present to your insurance company, if necessary. It is vital that you begin the clean up as soon as possible because water damage can be much more detrimental than it initially seems. Far from just getting a few things wet, leaks in your home can cause mold and mildew and can create problems later on.

It is also important to disinfect any areas that have been affected by the leak because microbes and unhealthy bacteria can reproduce at an alarming rate, which can have devastating effects on your health. Whoever takes care of the cleaning process, should wear protective clothing.

Now is the time to get in touch with your insurance company and plumbing services to begin remediating the problem and claiming any damages or compensation due to you. Additionally, if the situation calls for it, you may also have to notify the water company as the leak could be due to the main water line or a blocked sewer.

Don’t Leave For Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

Taking good care of your pipes and water supplies are the best ways to lower electric bill in the winter and repairing small leaks when you find them ensures better security in your home for the future. It is highly advisable to take action the moment you spot a leak in your home as the effects of long term water damage can be disastrous not to mention expensive.