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Reading has always been one of the most enlightening hobbies people have round the world. People might read for different reasons. Be it reading for leisure, for academic purposes, for conducting professional research or just to gain education about a topic. One cannot deny the fact that reading opens minds and broadens the visions of those who pursue this activity.

Understanding Genre

Books, just like any other media, have their classifications and categories based on the purposes quoted before. These classes are generally referred to as Genres. ‘Genre’ is a French word which is used extensively by people when looking up for pieces of art, music, and literature.

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Basic Genres

If you want to read literature, then there are 4 basic genres it caters to. These include Fiction, Non-Fiction, poetry, and drama. However, if you are looking for books generally whether on an online website or in an offline library, then there are a variety of genres available. From Romance to Sci-Fi, Fantasy to Period dramas, Mysteries to Autobiographies, Cookbooks to historical masterpieces, Comic books to Satire, etc. There is a world of genres out there for you to select from. However, some people do not find the task of searching for a book by its genre easy.

Finding Books By Genre

In an offline library, it is quite easy to find a book by genre since libraries always classify and organize books according to the content they hold. This means you may simply walk into a library and look up the shelves marked ‘Romance’ for romantic books or walk up to shelves labeled ‘Business & Economics’ and find books by various authors related to the subject, organized neatly in those shelves. If you are still confused, you may ask the librarian whether the genre you are looking for has a shelf in that particular library or not.

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When it comes to online stores and books’ websites, it can be a bit cumbersome for people since every website has its structure. There are various websites like Goodreads, NovelList, Alibris, Bookbrowse, Reading Rockets, etc which offer readers the facility to browse for a book online by its genre. How to do that? Simply go to the website, look for the ‘Genre’ option and click on it. Either the option will redirect you to a list of options or give you a drop-down menu to select one genre from. After selecting the particular genre you want to read, you may type in the name of the book and see if it lies in that genre.

However, if you do not have a particular book in mind and want to find one to read, by just filtering out the books based on genres, then you simply select your favorite genre and browse through the books which come up in results. Select the one with the best reviews, read the little description or synopsis, google some information about its author and check whether the book has ever been adapted into a movie and how it has been received overall. After that skim down your choices and see which books still appeal to you. Go for them. Read online or buy from sellers, whichever option suits you.