Losing data is a common occurrence. You may delete certain files and realize later that you needed them or your PC may get affected by a virus, leading to the loss of all stored data. At times, the data is highly valuable that you just can’t afford to lose. Instead of panicking, what you should do is think of a way to recover the data that has been lost.

It may have been difficult, or even impossible to recover the deleted or lost data a few years back but today, it is not only possible but extremely convenient too.

With EaseUS data recovery software, both professionals and non-professionals can easily recover the data that they thought was gone for good.

About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Data Recovery Wizard is a software for recovering data, designed by EaseUS. It is capable of recovering deleted files, recovering files after formatting a partition, or recovering data that has been lost due to a computer virus attack. It aids the recovery of nearly all files types, including audio, video, documents, emails, archived files, and other file types.

Understanding Data Recovery Wizard User Interface

After the installation procedure is complete, you will be surprised to see a simple, easy to understand, and a pretty straight-forward interface. After you select the file type of the files lost, you will be directed to the next step. The toolbar has many other options that you can choose from according to your requirements. These include options to contact customer support,  access online help, leave feedback, etc.

The Real Deal

As mentioned earlier, the first thing that you are required to do after installing the software is selecting the type of file you want to recover. If you know the file type, you can select it directly, but if you wish to recover all the data that has been lost, the option to select all file types is also available.

After clicking on the command button for ‘Next,’ you will be directed to a new page that will ask you to select storage media from which the data has to be recovered. The software will ask you to run a quick scan, which will generate a list of the recoverable items of the selected file type. If the file you want to recover is present in the list, you can simply choose to recover it.

Data Recovery Wizard enables the users to save the recovery session for later use. You can also choose to preview the search results before actually recovering the file. This enables you to be sure that you are recovering the correct file.

In case you fail to locate your file in the quick scan, you can then proceed to a deep scan that takes longer (about 2 hours). This scan is more thorough that scans every sector of the selected storage media. The best thing about the software’s deep scan feature is that you can preview files while the scan is ongoing.

Drawbacks of Data Recovery Wizard

With all good things come certain drawbacks. Nothing can be 100%. Same is the case with Data Recovery Wizard. As much as this software is efficient, there are certain limitations to it. You cannot scan the entire hard-drive, you cannot scan according to the file type, and features like Recovery CD, Cloning, and Bootable USB Device are not inclusive in the package that you purchase, as they are sold separately. It does not support recovering files from the most commonly used external device, which is an Android device.

Data Recovery Wizard recovers lost files effectively. It offers great features. The best thing about the software is that its easy to understand and easy to navigate user interface makes it suitable for non-IT individuals as well.