Amazon is a multi-national company known for its groundbreaking technologies and innovation. It mostly focuses on cloud computing and e-commerce. It is the largest e-commerce and cloud computing website in the world. Buying and selling on Amazon have been made very easy for individuals as it provides a very convenient platform that is easily understandable and with no complex navigation methods.

Amazon also owns a book publishing company and a television studio. It is the largest company by revenue generated in the World, making it a common marketplace for various citizens of the world, irrespective of nationality.

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In September 2018, Amazon increased long term storage fees which had several customers grumbling. With the arrival of a new year, they are making changes to several fees again. The FBA, fulfillment, and referral fees were scheduled for a change in 2019. When they increased their price in September, there was chaos in the Amazon community with several people running promotions to get rid of excess stock, and marketing of products being crazier than usual. No one wanted any stock remaining in their store for so long.

The 2019 change in Amazon fees shows that the company’s management is putting the customers into consideration. In December 2018, they sent a message to every seller on the platform about a change in the fees. Below are the changes Amazon made to the fees. The fees involved include Fulfillment fees, storage, and referral fees.

Fulfillment Fees

• Over 40% of FBA units shipped with experience no change and may even be decreased.

• They made fulfillment fee changes too, but this didn’t apply to everyone. For people selling small standard-size items and large standard -size goods with a size of 10 oz or below, there wouldn’t be changes made to their fulfillment fee. But for those with a larger-sized package, increments would be made to the fulfilling fee, which is of great benefits to the sellers as it also affects the transportation cost changes.

• The calculation of dimensional billing weight for the extra-large goods has a center, and the minimum height and width of 2 inches has been applied when calculating the weight for this type of items.

• For the very hazardous items that contain hassled aerosol or other kinds of flammable substances, a different fulfillment fee has been allocated to them. An example this is a lithium-ion battery.

Storage Fees

• In late 2019, the Subscribe and Save fee structure would experience a change. Every seller would be able to fund a5% to 10% discount on every new item you put in your store. It is an amazing benefit for both new and old customers.

• For goods that have stayed in a fulfillment center for 181-365 days, there would be an end to long-term storage fees on them. That means there won’t be charges if those goods are not sold until it is past 365 days. If goods remain for over 1 year in the fulfillment centre, long-term storage fees begin to apply to your goods. You should get them sold as soon as possible.

• For the storage of dangerous goods in March 2019, the long-term storage fee will increase in April 2019. This implies that these hazardous items should be sold off almost immediately. If you don’t think you won’t sell it off fast, you shouldn’t put it in your store, as you would only generate more fees for yourself.

Referral Fees

• For a variety of personal care products, including beauty and baby products, the referral fees will be reduced from 15% to 8% which is a good thing. This way, individuals will be able to get more rewards on the products they sell.

• The referral fees on groceries, furniture, and jewelry also experience a significant percentage decrease.

These fee changes employed by Amazon are beneficial to its customers, ensuring that they will sell more on the platform and don’t consider going over to other places. There was no change made to the previous fulfillment fee which was already at a standard and great level. The reduction of storage fees means that people will be able to leave their goods on the store for longer periods.

Amazon has always served its customers well, ensuring that they get the best of benefits, which makes them remain at the top of the line as the best and most productive company in the world.