It will not come as a surprise that travel is essential to run a successful business. Although we live in a digital era when phone calls and conferencing are prevalent, nothing can compare to face-to-face communication. Face-to-face communication helps expand existing networks and enhances future prospects. If you meet with your customers and clients in person is a priority, chances are you travel a lot, across the country or around the world. When you spend most of your time traveling, it is essential to know to choose the right deluxe accommodation for your trip. There are many solutions for business travelers. What should you be looking at in a high-end hotel? The smallest of details can make the difference in your stay. According to Shaza Hotels, an important member of the Global Hotel Alliance, these are the key features that should be on everyone’s list.

Personalized experience

You should enjoy a personalized experience. A personalized experience means an interaction or engagement with the hotel room or a person that leaves you feeling like your needs and interests are taken into consideration. The hotel is the most personal choice in travel. If you get it right, you will feel as if you have escaped everyday life. You do not need a one-size-fits-all service. What you need is a stay that will allow you to make the most of your business trip. You deserve more than basic amenities and discounts. So, ask for what you want.

Establishments offering accommodation are willing to go the extra mile to meet guests’ requests. They understand that business travelers are unique individuals and foster loyalty by creating authentic experiences and unforgettable moments. The hospitality industry is entering the age of personalization in response to consumer expectations. Luxury hotels are creating guest experiences by enabling travelers to engage with the local community and taste their way through the local cuisine. Your boss will be happy to know that you are well taken care of.

Location and proximity

Location is one of the most important aspects when it comes down to choosing business accommodation. If you are attending an event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, you will want to book a stay in a hotel that is close to the conference center. The location is the reason why you are traveling in the first place, so search for available hotels in proximity to your place of meeting. New destinations are being created, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the tourism industry and offering business travelers an experience aligned with their lifestyle. It is expected that the ever-blossoming hospitality scene will welcome more options that guarantee to cater to the beck and call of business travelers.

Your hotel should be located in a convenient area. You will want to attend meetings or give presentations without having to worry that you will not make it in time. Even if you are just passing by, the last thing you need is to lose time on long commutes. Not only should you stay at a prestigious location but also receive great service. Sophisticated hotels in the Middle East have a lot to learn from Shaza Hotels who offer guests local experiences. By introducing Shaza Hotel in Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the brand led the way in integrating local experiences. Find a hotel that is a few steps away from the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque and can arrange airport transportation.

Coffee in the room

Do you drink coffee? Sure, you do. A cup of Joe provides you the energy boost you need so much. It is a fantastic way to connect and share ideas. When was the last time you met a potential client or an executive for coffee? The likelihood is that not long ago. Coffee brings the world together. It is much more than a caffeinated drink. Since you will start and maintain your day through a rhythm of coffee intake, ensure there will be coffee in the room or lobby. The luxury hotel industry has stepped up its coffee game, so that should not be a problem. If not, demand a hotel room upgrade.

Free Wi-Fi access

For business travelers, home is where the Wi-Fi is. Wi-Fi is one of the easiest options in terms of Internet options when traveling. You just have to disable your phone’s data roaming and find Wi-Fi. There should be strong Internet access in the room and throughout the hotel. It is important to access information during your stay. This involves checking emails, searching the Internet, and keep in touch with various office location. You need to connect with customers and clients. Equally, you will want to communicate with your family at the end of the day, after the meetings end.

A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection is of the essence. The luxury business hotel should have a download speed of at least 2 Mbps, an upload speed of 1 Mbps, and the latency should not exceed 500ms. An establishment is not traveler-friendly if they charge guests money for the Wi-Fi service. Generally speaking, high-end hotels use Wi-Fi access for everything from housekeeping to concierge. Thanks to Wi-Fi devices, it is possible to know when guests check into their rooms and send them special promos.

An office away from the office

The ability to connect to others through digital communication is amazing. This is the age of the global office. To be more precise, you can reach out to people from all over the world. Good Internet connection is not enough when you are working away from home. As a business traveler, you need a suite that allows you to do office work. It should have good lighting, strategically placed outlets, and, most importantly, comfortable seating. The facilities should meet every requirement you have. After all, it is your office away from the office. Thoughtful extras like stand-up desks and being able to sync your devices with the TV are to be appreciated.