Bad Work Habits
Bad Work Habits

New Year is always the best time for resolutions and positive changes, we see people planning trips, find final solutions for some critical cases and some just plan on being a better version of their selves. What about work resolutions? Have you put in mind that maybe you need to do some changes to your work this year? Have you asked yourself if you’re being productive enough? How about making this New Year’s resolution to make a root change in our career? How about this year we concentrate about how to let go of the worst bad habits?

Here the worst work habits everyone must swear off this year:

  • Gossips!

This is one of the worst bad work habits most of the employers suffer from with their employees, its ok to have friends at work (and by friends I mean colleagues not BFFs), you can break the ice with your colleagues at your break time or when you feel that you got over pressured from work, but consider this a golden advice, Do Not Gossip!

You might think you’re just chatting, but sometime gossiping might lead to rumors or transferring some critical personal issue, be sure that this will make big problems and eventually it will be your fault for gossiping around, some people were put in critical work problems due to gossiping around.

  • Bad time management means being late.

Being late, is considered a bad habit in life generally. But when it comes to being late at work then you’re introducing yourself as an unreliable person, and not a responsible employee who cares about being at time. Companies would put timing table if it was not crucial to come on time.

To justify how important it is for companies to come on time , you can check the job vacancies websites like LinkedIn and Joblang , they always mention that time management is a must have skill.

  • Complaining too much.

Of course we get to a level where we get stressed out, too tired or simply not in the mood and feeling down …

Complaining once or twice is acceptable, but when you become the complaining personality in the office or company here is where you will be become an annoying personality to deal with. Most of the employees are not 100% satisfied with their job roles, but they just do their job and leave.

That’s why if you check job opportunities websites like LinkedIn and they always mention a situation the candidate must tolerate which is working under pressure, which means you can’t complain.

  • Isolating yourself.

Nowadays , building a professional network is what really helps you successes more in your career path , isolating yourself will not get you anywhere , you have to contribute more with your colleagues at work . Be friendly and socialize with everyone even by just greeting your collogues on daily basis.

If you isolate yourself from everyone then of course your professional network is extremely weak, and this is a killer ratio for you not being noticed or even promoted.

  • Using Social media is a lapse.

Using social media is a fun thing of course, it just breaks you out form the atmosphere, but make sure you don’t use too much social in work, wasting time at work via social media during working hours is swindle. This gives your employers the opportunity to let go of your services, because simply you are not being productive at work.

  • Some companies have put restriction programmers on the main network so it would let employees surf internet and use social media application while they are connected to the company’s main network. This is because some employees are attached to social media in an addictive way; they want a productive employee not an immature social media addict at work.
  • Lack of manners.

Manners are substantial; lacking some basic manner might cost you your job at the end. Manners are the way you represent the image of your work and self, work is not like university or even at home, it’s a serious deal. The more manners you have the more representative and elegant you are from both side’s employers and employees as well.

Here are some examples of bad ethics and manner considered serious misconduct:

  • Temper and Nervous attacks.
  • Gross behavior
  • Criticizing colleagues heartlessly.
  • Bad words and cussing.
  • Being racist.
  • Safety violations to both clients and co-workers.
  • Harassment
  • Drinking alcohol drinks at work.

There is a lot of other manners and its it specified in so many levels, some are controlled manners and other are considered serious misconduct which can sometimes take a critical legal conduction, be aware of never letting yourself in such a crucial state, your manners are what determines your skills as an employee .

Take a first step in this new year’s resolutions by identifying the bad work habits , measuring which bad habits you might have done or own then of course taking a serious decision of changing the bad habits into a great good habits !

About the author:

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