If it were up to them, star-lovers would wrap up the moon and keep it all to themselves.

Luckily for us, they can’t, but it got us thinking… what kind of gifts would they love?

For those of you that have such people in your life, unless you have an understanding of the universe, you may struggle to come up with anything good.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered now.

Here are x celestial gift ideas that are simply out of this world.

1. Star Map

A star map is the perfect celestial gift. It is a snapshot of the night sky from time and place of your choice. To make it special to the person you’re buying for, choose somewhere or sometime that has significance to them. For example, it could be their birthday or an anniversary.

Star maps are great because they have a deep meaning behind them, rather than just your regular gift idea. You can pick one up from Twinkle In Time and even create a custom message to go along with it.

2. Cosmic Bedding

No doubt that your celestial-loving person has an abundance of items in their room that have some sort of link to time and space. You can add to it by getting this cosmic bedding as an excellent celestial gift. Once they get tucked in, they’ll never want to come out.

There is a duvet and matching pillows to create the ultimate sleeping arrangement. They will no longer need to dream about searching through all the different galaxies and stars – they’ll be right there with them while they sleep.

3. Moondust Eyeshadow

There is an infinite number of shapes and colors in the universe. It’s filled with the brightest lights and the darkest shades, creating a canvas painted in simplicity and complexity rolled into one.

This moondust eyeshadow set captures this sentiment and reproduces the colors you’d see through a telescope into some awesome eyeshadow shades. The palette is great, with eight different colors to choose from, some of which contain glitter to add some extra sparkle into the ensemble. Their eyes will shine brighter than the Sun with this celestial gift.

4. Organic Mascara

Looking up at the stars all the time can put a lot of strain on the eyes. If they struggle with allergic mascara, this can make it even worse.

This organic mascara by Nu Evolution makes for the perfect gift idea for such a person. A lot of mascara brands fill their product with irritants, causing itching and leave your eyes feeling uncomfortable all day long.

This mascara is free from all the harmful suspects. In fact, this product has been featured in CoolThingChicago’s best gift list, showing how great it is.

5. Star Track Print

This is another great celestial gift print that would look amazing on their walls. The star track print shows an old record player being controlled by an astronaut. As they switch tracks by moving the needle, the astronaut moves through the Solar System and the orbiting planets.

You can pick this up from Society6. There are multiple sizes, so no matter how big or how small their room is, the print can fit easily in the space on the wall.

It’s very cute – you wish to get one for yourself while you’re at it.

6. Organic Bath Bomb

The bathtub is one of the best places to think in the home. The bed aside, there’ nothing like lying down in the bath and letting your imagination run wild. For a star-lover, there’s no limit to where they can do or what they can in the cosmos.

It’s also an amazing place to relax and switch off. Fill it up with gorgeous warm water, and you’re set for some in-house luxury. But to make it better, throw in this organic bath bomb.

This gift idea came from Gift Wits so you can thank us (and them) for finding it for you.

7. Galaxy Backpack

Does your celestial friend want to take the universe with them wherever they go? If so, this makes this galaxy backpack a great gift idea. It’s covered in an explosion of a supernova, the colors as bright and eye-catching as you’d expect from a star blowing up millions away.

It’s also a member of the Hello Kitty family, so you’ll find some cute ears and cat eyes on the design. Even the ears are covered in the print! Overall any star-lover would be proud to own one of these so you’ll be doing them a favor.

8. Cosmos Coloring Book

While this may seem a bit childish, a coloring book is an amazing celestial gift idea – of course, if you’re buying for a child, it makes the gift even better! After all, what kid doesn’t like coloring in?

Anyway, this cosmos coloring book has 30 different patterns of outer space bodies, aliens, and more. If they’ve ever thought about creating their own planet, now is their chance! Let them enjoy a range of authentic patterns and guide to the planets to metaphysical mandalas carried by UFOs.

9. Planet Lollipops

Everyone loves a sweet treat, but why not make them better and surprise the celestial being in your life with some planet lollipops to make them anything but ordinary.

Each planet has a different flavor so there are even more reasons to get through them all: tropical-punch (Mercury), cherry (Venus), cotton candy (Earth), pear (Mars), key lime (Jupiter), guava (Saturn), blackberry (Uranus), mango (Neptune), strawberry/kiwi (Pluto), and marshmallow (Sun).

10. Constellation Heat Mug

This final celestial gift idea may seem pretty standard without content. However, once they fill it up with a hot cup of tea or coffee, watch them marvel as the constellations appear right before their very eyes.

The constellation heat mug takes them on a journey across the night sky, ranging from Andromeda to Ursa Major. Sooner or later, they won’t want to drink out of anything else.