When it comes to finding shipment solutions, both, businesses and individuals find it difficult to locate a courier which is not only reliable, delivers on time but is also cheap. There are many courier companies out there who promise a great deal but fail to deliver when the time to perform comes. It is extremely important that the courier service you opt for not only delivers your parcels on time but safely as well, which makes the selection of courier service critical.

If you are a small business owner, an online seller or just an individual trying to send some love to your friends on their birthday and are still searching for cheap shipment options available within and outside Canada, then here is a list of 5 cheapest Canadian shipping companies to help you out.


FlagShip is the cheapest of all Canadian courier services available. It ships goods within and outside of Canada and the rates for international shipping are quite reasonable. FlagShip partners with leading industry brands like FedEx, Canpur, DHL, Purolator, and UPS to provide its users with cheap shipping. All the users have to do is create an account with FlagShip, select the couriers of their choice for picking up and dropping the parcel, compare rates of all courier services available, pick the one that suits them, approve, and confirm. After that, they may keep a record of their order.

The reason FlagShip makes it to the top spot is the cheapest rates and huge amount of discounts offered to small and medium-sized businesses. Since businesses need to ship often and that also in bulk quantities, it is not always easy to pay a huge price which comes with this process. Thus, FlagShip partners with other leading couriers and help small businesses expand their reach.

Ship Canada

Ship Canada offers all kinds of freight shipping, from truckloads to air parcel. Ship Canada offers competitive rates and good service to its clients. Ship Canada also offer its clients with an opportunity to enter a rewards draw and win lotteries through it.

Canadian Freight Quote

Canadian Freight Quote is trustworthy, timely and delivers parcels ar a low cost within and outside Canada. Canadian Freight Quote also works to empower small and medium enterprises by reducing their shipment costs and helping them audit their previous records so that they may recover any excessive charged amount previously.

Net Parcel

Just like its competitors, Net Parcel is also a secure choice for individuals and businesses who want to ship goods to, from and within Canada. Net Parcel works like a third party intermediary which connects the clients with the couriers of their choice.

Secure Ship

Secure Ship requires no monthly or account set-up fees, provides with consolidated invoices, gives you the option of selecting one from many carriers, and helps you along the way, cautioning you about any loopholes, while you fill out your form. Secure Ship also partners with Shopify, thus making it a reliable delivery option in the eyes of many clients.