If you are looking for a cost-effective, low-maintenance way to revamp your garden, installing decking could be the answer. No longer simply for DIY enthusiasts or professional gardeners, this instant and practical way of beautifying a garden, backyard or commercial business is more popular than ever.

Decks can be used as a stylish alternative to the tiresome chores that come with keeping a lawn immaculate. The wooden timber gives your yard a more natural feel than other grass replacements such as concrete or gravel and looks in harmony with plant pots and flower beds.

Additionally, if you want a part of your yard for sitting out on, but do not fancy a patio, timber provides a perfect surface for furniture or barbeques. Also, more and more bars and cafes are now using an area of outside decking to attract sun-loving customers in the summer.

Timber is one of the easiest building components to work with, meaning that you can make your design almost any shape or size you want. You can also choose between a single or a double level deck. However, whatever you do needs careful consideration – you should not start building without a top-quality design plan to work from.

Landscapers are often very experienced at building decks, and it can be cheaper and easier to hire somebody than to be left with a disaster area if you make a mistake. Whether you are employing someone or going it alone, you will need to consider some of these factors:

What terrain are you working with? Is the ground sloping or flat, or plagued with pot-holes? The beauty of decking is that even if your yard is uneven, levels can be built into the deck which disguises this and add interest. Do you want flower beds built-in?

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Who will the deck be used by? Is it part of your home, or commercial business with factors like access to think about? Will it be exposed to heavyweights, such as a hot tub or a crowd of people?

If you want the deck as a play area for your kids, you can include extra features such as spaces for sandpits or a climbing frame. Think about the light in the location – adults might enjoy it in the sun, but children need more shade.

Once you have decided on these major factors, either on your own or with a landscaper, you can draw up plans that complement your house and yard.

A timber deck built with good quality materials should last up to twenty years. In order to keep yours strong, and looking good, you need to use freshly-treated wood that helps prevent rotting and damp.

You can also use a coating to brighten and strengthen the timber, but you should be sure this is suitable. Do not use an outdoor coating that is intended for vertical surfaces like windows and doors, as these can peel and chip when applied on a flat deck.

If you really get into decking, there are magazines that you can subscribe to a share your hobby with outer deck-enthusiasts around the world!

deck tiles

Interlocking outdoor deck tiles in durable wood

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