A new vacation never killed anybody. Especially if you are traveling to a place, you’ve never visited. Life is too short not to discover this amazing world, so we must profit every chance, and check another location on our mental map. But what if this is the first time you are traveling by plane? If you’re a plane virgin looking ahead to your maiden flight, it can sound really scary. However, there are ways to make air travel more comfortable, and it all starts with wearing semi-precious stone bracelets.

Malachite beaded bracelet

Some people bite their nail or eat lots of sweets to calm themselves. Well, we have a better remedy! A Malachite beaded bracelet is all you need to feel better every time you travel by plane. Especially is the flight will be long; this gemstone will protect you and bring that soul peace you need. All you have to do is to relax, breath, and wait for the destination. More than this, Malachite is considered to be one of the greatest warning stones about this gemstone. Some people say that it will crumble when the danger will be near you. Isn’t it cool or what?

Amethyst beaded bracelet

Add to your semi-precious stone bracelets collection this beautiful piece of jewelry. Amethyst is not only a gemstone you should wear during your flight but also a partner for your entire stay. First of all, it will help you to relieve stress and enjoy completely all your free days. Secondly, it will protect you of thieves, which means you don’t have to stay in charge all the time not to be robbed. Also, this gemstone will enhance your flexibility, and it will improve your spirit of cooperation. Make sure you have it in your carry-on and your holiday will be just perfect.

Moonstone beaded bracelet

If you fear of airsickness, it’s time you add this bracelet to your luggage. It is believed that Moonstone is a gemstone that carries deep healing energies, which means it is perfect when you travel and don’t feel safe. Of course, if you want to take a nap during the flight, it’s your choice. Actually, this is not such a bad idea. It will help you sleep without worries because it offers protection during nighttime travel. You will look and feel fresh when you arrive at the destination, being ready for a perfect holiday far from home.

Aquamarine beaded bracelet

The exotic destinations are more popular than ever. But to arrive there, you have to travel by plane over the water. This is your chance to add another piece of jewelry to your semi-precious stone bracelets. The name of this amazing gemstone says all you need to know! Aquamarine will protect and help you get over seasickness, and it will relieve the stress caused by travel. More than this it looks exquisite so don’t worry about your outfit – it will stay in good hands.

Find all these semi-precious stone bracelets at Balisarda.com. Make sure you have them in your carry-on next time you travel by plane and make sure you have the best holiday ever.