Deep Clean Your Home
Deep Clean Your Home

Has she finally decided to move in with you after an extremely long period of you convincing her? We understand it can take time for women to decide whether or not they are interested in sharing a house with a man just yet. To be fair, it is difficult to blame them given the kind of living conditions most men settle for.

Having a clean and organized home isn’t just something most women are particular about. An unorganized and messy home actually is something that has scientifically proven to cause stress for the inhabitants of that house. All this stress can be extremely harmful as it leads to many other problems like breathing issues, digestive disorders, and even bodily malfunction.

Anyway, the point remains that we don’t need extra stress in our lives. An angry girlfriend on top of a messy house only aggravates the situation.

So right before your girlfriend moves in with you, here’s how you can get rid of the Clutter and thoroughly clean your home like a Pro!

Make Use of a Pattern

Don’t simply clean your surfaces harum-scarum. Use a methodical cleaning pattern to not miss any parts or spots. Geniuses go from left to right and start to finish to ensure they take care of their business first go.

Spray and Walk Away!

You can spare yourself some scouring time by spraying on wiping items and giving them an opportunity to work. This is particularly valuable in the restroom—most cleaning items don’t immediately sterilize, so abandoning them for some time gives them an opportunity to eliminate germs and separate muck, which means you have less work to do.

Take Care of Your Walls and Ceilings

Working through and through, dust your roofs and dividers and get into every one of the corners. A microfiber mop works incredible for this, however, in case you don’t have one, an old towel or shirt over a floor brush proves extremely viable. Doing this regularly will ensure that minimal dust gathers all through the remainder of your home, enabling you to invest less energy with a vacuum or mop. When your roofs and dividers are spotless, you can go to the restroom to reorganize the disordered items.

Keep the Surfaces Clean

An expert tip is to remove everything from the surface and set it all back in the meantime, rather than getting everything, cleaning underneath it, and then putting it back. In case you’re tidying up, remove everything from the table or rack before you hit it. At that point give everything a snappy rub with a microfiber fabric before you set it back. Take all the cleanser, shampoo, soap and different things out of the shower room before you clean it as well.

Before You Clean, Remember to Declutter

If you invite an expert over to your house, he wouldn’t really clean up your stuff. They’ll simply make a heap for you to manage later. So on the off chance that you need to deliver a similar dimension of tidiness before you begin cleaning make sure everything is in its right place. This will save you some time as instead of doing the two things simultaneously, you’ll first be putting things in order and then cleaning them.

Keep a Strong Check on your Baseboards

It doesn’t make a difference in how shimmering or clean the rest of your home is. If your baseboards are filthy, your home will look grimy. Also, if it has been some time since you’ve cleaned them, you may need to utilize a moist microfiber mop; alternatively, you can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Choose a Rag over a Mop

Despite the fact that nothing beats the vibe of a hand-washed floor, it’s neither sensible nor common sense to get down on your knees and wash your whole house along these lines. Be that as it may, there is a special case.

Since a bathroom mostly doesn’t have much of a big floor, cleaning your restroom floor with a cloth shouldn’t take long. Additionally, it is the most ideal approach to ensure you get each one of those tight regions like behind the toilets or sinks.

Triple the charm with Towels

Once you have clean towels around you, make sure you take ample to neatly fold all of these towels, so that makes your washroom and ultimately your house much cleaner, less messy and available for a woman to move into. A pretty home is probably going to call for your pretty girlfriend to move in!

These were the 8 tips and tricks that can help you fix your house like a Pro before your girlfriend moves in. Hurry up and make sure she doesn’t change her mind by the time you end up cleaning the house!