No matter whether you are opening a new business or are trying to bring your existing business online, it is always important to make additional efforts to grab audience attention. One of the most important things you need to serve your buyers online is designing a responsive and custom website. Note that, website works like an online storefront where you can serve buyers 24×7. It is important to make sure that your audience enjoys the experience of exploring your website and find a solution to their needs online. You can also take help from polls to know your customers better and get votes online to focus on their needs.

It is not enough to simply design a website to bring your business online; at the same time, it is important to make efforts to rank it higher. Make sure your website appears on the first page of search engine results; then only you will be able to ensure higher returns. It is important to use some trustworthy tactics to boost the visibility of your website online. Below we have discussed some trusted tops for designing a high-ranking website for leading your business in the competitive market:

Create SEO friendly URL

One of the essential steps in designing a top-ranking website is choosing the right URL. It is important to work on keywords that are relevant to your business and showcase the best relationship with your niche. No need to look for long tail keywords; however, it is better to separate some larger terms by using hyphens. Your URL must give a clear idea about your business to the audience. You can get Facebook votes for selection of best URL.

Use Optimized Images

In order to rank your business higher on search engine results; it is better to optimize images that you are using on the website. At the same time, prefer to use the standard size for images. Experts recommend keeping it somewhere between 72 dpi and 30 to 100kb for best results. The fact is that larger images reduce the loading time of your website that leads to a bad impression in the market. Take help from your audience to choose the best images for blogs as well through contests, polls and buy votes fast to know their opinions.

Responsive Website

Audience these days prefer to visit your business platform from a variety of gadgets. In order to serve them with the best content, it is better to use responsive website designs. Your website must appear perfect on gadgets of variable screen size including mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop as well. You can also get votes for contests to get an expert opinion about responsive designs. It can help you to serve buyers around the world with a higher satisfaction level.

Use Relevant Keywords

While adding content to your business website, it is important to care about the most relevant keywords. Prefer to follow the preferences and interests of your audience while focusing on your niche. It is even better to get poll votes online to choose the best keywords for your business website. These keywords can help you stay on top of the search engine results.