Ultimate Kids Pool Party

Did you know that swimming is suitable for all fitness levels and ages? Make swimming part of your everyday routine this summer.

Are you planning a party for your child? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to throw a kids pool party.

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Kids Pool Party: A Guide

To make the most of your home pool, start planning for your child’s celebration. If you want to make a change, get more details on how to update your poolside before your event.

Decide on a Date and Invitations

For a successful kids pool party, pick a date in advance. Calendars in the summer fill up fast between family trips and summer camps. Pick an invitation that provides your address and the time of the pool party.

You could choose an e-invite, or a paper invitation parents can hang on their fridge, so they don’t forget.

Choose a Theme

For a pool party, a Hawaiian Luau is one of the top themes. The decorations are affordable and straightforward. Ask guests to wear their most colorful Hawaiian print shirts.

You can buy leis ahead of time to welcome your guests with or have them make their own — Scatter tropical flowers across tables and the top of the pool.

Another popular theme is a pirate pool party. You could send out a treasure map invitation to your guests. Pick up black and red accessories for your pirate party. Send your guests home with pirate hats.

A mermaid themed party is a favorite among kids. Pick up a few mermaid tail swimsuits for the guests to try on and use.

Make a Menu

After you send invitations, it’s time to decide on food. If your event is in the afternoon and between meals, consider making healthy snacks.

You could have an assortment of fresh fruit, vegetables, and sandwiches. Find out if anyone has any allergies.

If you’re having a party during a mealtime, pick up hotdogs and hamburgers. Put out an assortment of toppings for your guests. If you make sandwiches, cut them out with a fish-shaped cookie cutter.

For dessert, set up a sundae bar. Kids can have fun choosing from a range of toppings. You could also pick up cupcakes and allow your guests to frost their own.


Decorate according to your theme. Put up a few bright umbrellas for extra shade and have lots of pool accessories ready for your guests. Consider using plastic wear instead of glass in case anyone drops something.

Plan Activities

Organize a treasure hunt for a pirate theme party or a game of sharks and pirates. If it’s your child’s birthday, ask them to pick a few favorite games. Have some activities outside of the pool so they can take a break from swimming.

Watermelon Relay

The watermelon push relay is a popular game among kids. Players nudge a watermelon from one end of the pool to the opposite end. Their feet cannot touch the bottom of the pool while they do this. Whoever gets there first wins a prize.

Hidden Treasure Games

Drop small toys and large plastic coins in the pool and encourage your guests to search for them. Whoever finds the most items can keep the treasures.

Make sure your guests are strong swimmers and have a few adults around to keep watch. Organize a sword fight using foam pool noodles or have kids walk the plank.

Hide a bunch of treasures like fake jewels and seashells around the party area. If you have a kiddie pool, fill it with water, turning it into a cove. Tell guests they must find the treasure and return these pieces to their original cove.

Water Balloon Toss 

Water balloon tosses are fun to play at a pool party. Group the guests into teams and have them throw the water balloons to each other.

If the balloon pops, then that team’s eliminated. Make sure to pick up any broken parts of the balloon right away if you have younger children at the party.

Helium balloons are also a lot of fun and you don’t have to deal with the mess afterward.

Poolside Movie

If your pool party starts later in the afternoon, set up a projector outside. Put on a movie for all your guests. They could lay on an inflatable toy in the pool or rest on a chair.

For fun, pick a movie-related with water. Prepare popcorn and other treats to pass out to your guests. This will help them relax after swimming and playing for hours.

General Housekeeping Tips

In case anyone forgets, make sure you have extra flip flops and towels. Show everyone a room where they can go and change into their bathing suits. Let them know they can leave their personal belongings there.

Organize your outdoor furniture around the edge of the pool. Put side tables nearby, so your guests have a spot to put their snacks and drinks. You could also mark the depth of your pool with bright waterproof tape.

Depending on the age group, select appropriate music for your guests. Pick up some citronella candles. These help keep bugs away. You could also pick up some buy spray.

Provide sunscreen for your guests. Encourage them to apply sunscreen throughout the day, so they don’t get burned.

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We hope this guide on throwing a kid’s pool party was insightful. Make sure you decide on a theme and pick up extra sunscreen and towels for your guests.

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