Since you were a child, you were already taught how important it is to brush your teeth. It is a necessity that becomes part of the culture for how many decades now. Brushing your teeth will help you keep your teeth strong. This will help fight plaque and bacteria, that might lead to gum diseases, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Right every meeting that you have to attend, you can’t be comfortable enough to smile and speak, if you haven’t brush your teeth. However, have it ever cross your mind for at least once the ingredients used for your toothpaste and what each substance function for?

Whether your answer is yes or no, it is now time to find out the answers to that question! We have finally compiled and listed all the substance used as an ingredient to your toothpaste!

The Process of Manufacturing Toothpaste

There is a process being followed in manufacturing toothpaste. They are meticulously processed in a way that makes them more effective for your dental needs.

Measuring and Mixing

The ingredients used in making a toothpaste are weighed and mixed together through the use of a high-quality mixer such as a Ginhong mixer. It is important that its ingredients are in the same proportion in order to get the best result expected by the manufacturer. Furthermore, these ingredients are mixed to ensure the correct smooth texture of the toothpaste.

Filling the Tube or Sachet

Toothpaste is usually packed in a tube or sachet. After combining the ingredients all together, it will now be easy to transfer them to the tube or sachet. Since toothpaste is a product that ensures cleanliness, it also a process where cleanliness is observed. The tubes and sachets used are well examined right after they are placed to a filling machine.

There is a machine used to keep the tubes and sachets intact and in an aligned manner for the filling of toothpaste. The other functions of this machine involve a sealing stamp and other things that involve the manufacturer’s concern.

Packaging and Shipping Distribution

Once the tubes or sachets are filled, they are now put inside a package, made ready to be shipped and distributed to warehouses and stores. Manufacturers make sure that the packaging is also sturdy and sealed so that they won’t be questioned about the cleanliness and how organized their products are.

The Top Ingredients of Toothpaste

Now that you have finally known the process of how toothpaste is made, let us now go deeper to the substance used for the ingredients of your toothpaste and why they are being added for your dental needs.


Flouride is one of the ingredients used in a toothpaste that you can often hear in any toothpaste advertisement. The number one reason why is used in your toothpaste is that it can help you prevent tooth decay. Eating healthy foods and brushing your teeth can benefit you from any cause of tooth decay.

Fluoride contains an active function that keeps the enamel or your teeth stronger. There are many types of fluoride that you can check at the ingredient form provided by the manufacturer. This includes sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate or stannous fluoride.


Detergents are a type of cleaning ingredient that will help you clean or break down the foods on your teeth that are not soluble. These are the foods that are stuck in between your teeth which could not be removed with just mere rinsing. You might be thinking that this type of ingredients are the same with the detergents you used for washing your clothes, however, they don’t contain anything that might irritate your gums and teeth.


Do ever wonder why toothpaste is so smooth and consistent in texture? Well, glycerol is the toothpaste ingredient that makes that possible! There are actually different names given when you talk about glycerol. They are sometimes called glycerin or glycerine. The best thing about glycerol is that they are very safe to use. They are even added to food and drinks that require consistent texture.


Sorbitol is the sweetening agent that holds or sticks all ingredient together for your toothpaste. However, even if it is sweet, it doesn’t contain any sugar that might cause cavities. They can also be used as sugar for people with diabetes.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate helps you clean the surfaces of your teeth by removing stains and debris left from the food you eat and the caffeinated drinks. This way, it will help you keep your teeth whiter and cleaner than ever.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

If you are also wondering why your toothpaste creates foam or bubbles when you brush them to your teeth, then sodium lauryl sulfate is the answer!


Flavors are added to your toothpaste in order for you to fully enjoy the cooling and freshness feeling of brushing your teeth. Mints such as peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen are the most used flavors of toothpaste.


You no longer need to double-check the label claims of the ingredients used your toothpaste now that you have finally read the process and common ingredients mentioned above! Furthermore, you can now confidently choose the toothpaste of your choice with that beautiful white smile on your face!