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Premiere Van Lines Vancouver

When you decide about moving from one place to another, the first thing you have to think about is how much does it cost to hire movers. This is the biggest concern you will have. The price of hiring movers will make it easy for you to decide if you want to hire movers or do work yourself.

The cost of hiring movers depends mainly upon the distance to which you have to move along with the amount of stuff you have to pack. Let us now find out how much does it cost to hire movers locally as well as across the country. I have prepared the following guide with the help of a trusted company in this business, Premiere Van Lines Vancouver. If you want any moving services in the Vancouver do try them out.

What is the cost to hire movers in town?

Movers are available locally, and they charge their fees per hour. For example, if you hire two movers and a truck, then your total fee will be approximately 90 to 120 dollars. It also depends upon the area in which you live and where do you want to transport your stuff. If you want to move from one town to the other, the movers will charge 80 dollars excluding the truck charges.

The size of the home also affects the price that the movers charge. For instance, if you have three bedroom house to wrap up, the movers will charge more as compared to a one bedroom house.

What is the cost to hire movers for long distances?

The estimated price to move stuff for long distances will be a pound on an average basis. This will be applied when your location is 1000 or more miles away. You must calculate the fare of long distances by measuring the weight.

Most of the countries have different rates of shipping due to customs duties and different service charges. The best way to move your stuff from one country to country is by hiring movers.

Estimate costs of hiring movers for different sized houses

  • Cost of moving studio apartment goods

Movers will charge 1200 dollars for goods amounting to 1800 lbs of a studio apartment.

  • Cost of moving 1 bedroom apartment goods

With the approximate weight of 1 bedroom goods amounting to 2200 to 3200, the estimated cost is 1500 to 2200 dollars.

  • Cost of moving 2 bedroom apartment goods

Movers will charge 3500 to 4200 dollars for 5000 to 6000 lbs weight of a 2 bedroom apartment.

  • Cost of moving 3 bedroom apartment goods

The movers will charge 6300 dollars for an approximate weight of 9000 lbs for a 3 bedroom apartment.

Do movers charge extra fees for moving?

Yes, it is true that movers charge some extra fees. For instance, if you have to transport extraordinary bulky items which are abnormally bulky, then they will charge extra fees.

Apart from this, if the movers have to move a long distance within your house like up and down the stairs. Even then they will charge extra fees for it.

For fragile items which might break, the movers will have to handle them very carefully; they will charge extra fees for that as well.