person holding playing cards beside poker chips

People are finding themselves with more and more free time on their hands these days. While there are a number of effective and productive ways to spend this time, a lot of people are choosing gambling and sports betting. There is no denying that this is an exciting and potentially lucrative industry. With sports just on the brink of a major comeback after a big layoff, the action is likely going to be hotter than ever. The only problem is, with all the free time people begin obsessing and overindulging. Maybe they end up going on budget playing games or maybe they spend hours and hours researching strategies and statistics.

Whatever the situation, there are people out there today always willing to throw in their bits of advice. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should follow it. In fact, here are 4 top pieces of gambling advice that you should avoid at all costs.

Always Seek Expert Advice About Where To Bet

If you’ve been researching the gambling market, you know that there are a number of individuals out there claiming to be experts. Some claim to make you a betting superstar overnight. Some claim to be able to train you to predict outcomes of games. Whatever the situation, you need to know that the individual usually claiming to be the expert is usually the one trying to sell you the advice. When it comes to betting on a game, there isn’t much that an expert can tell you that the odds or a little bit of research can’t. Don’t let other people sway your overall decision.

The House Always Wins, So Don’t Play

This is one you’ll hear all the time. Despite what you might believe, this is not exactly the case. There are times when you can not only win, but you can win big. The only problem is just knowing when those times are. That being said, about twenty percent of people that visit a quality online casino like judi online end up going home with winning in their pockets. Regardless of how minimal, it is never back to walk away with a win. Plus, if you don’t play, you can’t win!

Double Down To Win Back Your Losses

Here is another that you will hear quite a lot. In fact, there are a bunch of strategies based on this very concept. One such concept is the Martingale system. The idea is that every time you lose, you double the size of your previous bet in order to recoup your losses. The theory is that you’ll eventually end up winning back everything you lost and more. Even if you are only betting minimal amounts this is still a bad idea. It is true that there are many situations where you can grind out lots of small wins, but there will be a time when your bankroll is so devastated, you won’t be able to afford the next bet.

Take Advantage Of Bonuses

Today there is a wide range of bonuses to entice players from all around the world. While these bonuses might get you in the door or allow you to test out certain sites for free, you’ll like want to avoid using them. Why? They are usually attached with stipulations so harsh that you’ll have to bet three or four times the amount of the bonus before you can make a withdrawal on that bonus.