Temp Agency Toronto
Temp Agency Toronto

For the last few decades, temp agency Toronto has offered seasonal employers and firms an opportunity to move from traditional hiring practices and other in-house employment practices. Although most businesses have evolved to fit the ever-growing demands in the world, much has not changed in their philosophy especially regarding workers who are available to work temporarily or on a temp-to-hire basis.

So, in this age of technology or gig economy, temp agencies may look familiar for most job seekers and employers as well. However, do you really know what temp agency Toronto is in particular? What does it do? What are its benefits? And how does it operate? Get answers to these questions and more here.

  • What It Does.

The main work of temp agency Toronto is to match qualified job seekers with customers looking for temp or permanent employees. One of the things carried out by temp agency includes; background checks, drug testing, skills testing, reference screening, and placement.

  • What It Does for Its Workers.

Temp agency Toronto employs a model that goes for all general labor jobs in Toronto and specific ones. It hires different categories of people such as part-time, perm, seasonal and temp-to-hire employees. To get considered for consideration by the job agency, you have to apply first. It is upon the agency to determine whether to invite you on board or reject your application.

If you are selected, your data is stored in the temp agency’s database, and whenever a chance comes up matching your skills, you are contacted.

  • The Cost of Temp Agency for Clients.

Temp agency Toronto primarily gets its revenue from company clients. Job candidates usually are not supposed to incur any costs. These costs are agreed upon by the two parties involved and typically vary depending on some factors.

And in the case of temp-to-hire where the company wants to hire the employee permanently, a buy-out is negotiated.

  • Most Demanded Skills in Temp Work World.

With advancement in technology, work is changing, encompassing increasing emphasis on project specific and task-specific work alignments instead of traditional, perm-employment. For instance, temp agencies in Toronto are recruiting employees from diverse backgrounds such as tech, administrative, education, food service, and beyond to meet the rising demands for project-based or task-based talents as many companies are looking for a more dynamic workforce.

  • Schedules for Temp Workers.

So, probably you are asking yourself what the work schedule for seasonal employee looks like. Well, there is no definitive schedule. It varies significantly.

Some work for 40 hrs a week while others may work less or more than that. However, most temp workers end up in permanent positions, and that gives them a somewhat predictable work schedule.

However, one advantage of temp jobs is that that the employees have total control over their availability. They have an option to decide when they will be available or not. That is not possible if you are employed on a permanent basis.