While front line staff such as police, nurses, and retail workers still have to go out to work here in the UK, everyone else has to remain at home. You may either be working from your spare room if your employer allows it, or you may be benefitting from the government scheme which pays your wages if you can’t go to work. If you find yourself at home with little to do, there are some critical maintenance jobs you can complete. Helping to keep your home in excellent condition as it experiences maximum use during the lockdown.

5 Essential Areas of Home Maintenance You Can Do at Home

Garden Tasks

Now that spring is here, there is plenty of pruning to be done outside. You may also want to refresh the top layer of soil on your garden and sow any plants you’re raising from seed yourself. Put any pest-infestation measures in place to minimize pest damage to delicate plants. Now is also an excellent time to give your fences a much-needed paint or to rejuvenate your garden furniture. Ultimately, being in the garden gives you a well-needed break from being indoors and is also good for your mental wellbeing.

Drain Maintenance

During the lockdown, more UK residents than ever before are using their toilets and sinks at home. Plumbing and drainage experts from London property maintenance firm Aspect.co.uk believe that there’s an increased risk of blocked drains because of this. Thankfully, blocked drains can often be cleared using essential tools like plungers. Alternatively, you could use a chemical drain cleaner instead. If you don’t experience a clear flowing drain after trying these suggestions, you may need to buy a drain auger or call in a drainage expert to fix the blockage.

Boiler Care

Firstly, familiarise yourself with your heatings controls to make sure your heating is operating at the right time of the day. Chances are you may not need your heating on at this time of year anyway. However, you will still need to check each month that it is working correctly. Check your boiler pressure is between one and two bars as this is a common reason why hot water or heating stops working. Also, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector installed as gas leaks can be very dangerous.

Electrical Checks

People are relying on their electrical supply more and more as they stay at home either working or entertaining themselves with catch-up TV or movies. It’s crucial to keep your family and yourself safe. There are some necessary electrical checks you can do to achieve this. Check all your sockets and plugs to make sure they’re not overloaded or overheated. Check cables to make sure they’re in good condition and make sure electrical wires aren’t exposed outside plugs. Always make sure to use the right amp fuse in your appliances.

uPVC Windows

This time of year, more people are opening their windows to let in the fresh air. It’s especially crucial at the moment, due to the restrictions in place of being outside. To keep your windows in the best condition possible, spray all moving parts with oil and clean the inside of the frames to remove debris. You may also want to clean your window frames both inside and out around twice a year to keep them looking their best. Use washing-up liquid and warm water to do this.