To begin with, every business has made Instagram its leading weapon for online marketing. Thanks to its marvelous and enviable 1 billion-plus active users who are affluent, trendy, and most-importantly young.

The images on Instagram offer useful and eye-catching content for your website, however almost all the businesses tend to maintain their sites exclusive of the good opportunity doled out by Instagram.

While the cost-free WordPress plugins provide you with the required flexibility to manage the content in your Instagram for your site display, it is through the premium up-gradation versions that allow you to do comparatively more for a nominal investment.

The Premium WordPress Plugins that bags appreciation and craze in 2019 are:

Feed Them Social

The exclusive feature of this plugin called Feed Them Social is that it works in other social media apps like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, besides working in WordPress. It is henceforth a great deal for businesses that opts for one plug-in to manage their website social media contents. Many business agencies and organizations worldwide are getting help from websites to get real Instagram followers, to get popularity in a jiffy.

While the normal free version is designed to support the Instagram feeds, Pinterest pins and boards, Twitter feeds, Facebook events, albums, groups, you get offered with myriad options when you level up to the premium version because now you would be allowed to access the image carousels and video feed from both Facebook and YouTube.

This plug-in allows you with the option of displaying content from various accounts with multiple feeds that can be showcased as other website pages and in the sidebar.

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Enjoy Instagram

Enjoy Instagram has come out to become a hyped property of 2019 as it provides a great range of options for showcasing the Instagram content on the website that comprises both the options for photo grid and carousel in addition to the fetching content from particular hashtags and user accounts.

Thanks to its flexibility, you can get it configures as per your choice and requirement. For Instagram feeds to display, you can either use the sidebar widget or the shortcodes; the choice makes it super easy to input feed content into any website page.

If you wish to get a massive set of followers, you can fetch help from various Instagram marketing agencies to increase your followers and also to buy likes on Instagram.

Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is quite a famous WordPress plug-in that provides an extensive oasis of features that is way beyond what you get in the free versions.

A very famous feature is the photo-filter that enables you to select content from content that includes particular hashtags and your liked photos on Instagram, and specific users as well.

When you are serious about the photo content quality that you have taken from Instagram that you wish to allow on your website, the filter feature becomes mobile as you can deal with the various import of Instagram accounts content with ease and comfort. The plug-in also helps you to access a huge number of photo galleries, thus enabling you for a better display of content.

When you sit to decide which WordPress plug-in to choose for Instagram, you must look into the features that they offer. There are a few features that almost all the plug-ins promise, but if you happen to have an idea of how exactly to seek attention from your website audience, then you would be able to select the features accordingly.