Home decor! The words instantly fill any drooping soul with enough vigor and energy to fill up some dull moments to create something highly creative. A home especially relies upon people who spend quality time to upholster the otherwise insignificant concrete walls. And, hence, turn it to a place that becomes a safe haven and fill it up with life. The house cannot become a home in any way other than the care and thought that is bestowed lovingly upon it.

But, home decor though exciting is a tricky field to navigate. Not only anybody considering a good house makeover has to consider the opinions (grudgingly) of everyone that resides within those walls but also has to ponder immensely on what will enhance the essence of the household. Consequently, all these deliberations and reflections are what make the home worth a living and boost it to the heights and envy of everyone who is lucky enough to step a foot in such a beautifully planned place.

And if you too have been planning to get a good makeover sesh for your house, do not let all the hassle get to you. Home decor is fun, and essentially one of the best ways to recreate. All you have to do is to get done the following things, and see the magic work!

Get Eccentric Canvas Prints

You might think, why the word eccentric? Simply because your household should stop nothing than being eccentric and unconventional. What you got to do is step up the canvas print game by getting the most beautiful (thing-you-will-ever-see-kinda) canvas prints from CanvasPop.

Break the monotonous looking canvas cycle by choosing from a vast range of filters, sizes, and even signature fonts to reflect summer and make your best moments and pictures look adorable. You can even make a special canvas just for your pet, and let your pooches know that your household is incomplete without them!

Show your closet some love

Your closet is where the magic happens for you. It simply is the place where you head to for your glam. But if the closet itself is looking drab, you cannot expect a good glow up. Can you? While closets are the most overlooked when home decor makeovers are concerned, now is the time to change that. A few simple steps as follows will get the work done!

Most built-in closets or even almirah closets are plain white, cream, or some hue of wood shade. That frankly does not provide any change in the same, dull-looking conditions.

  • Paint your closet door a startling color to welcome summer, that solely gets all the attention.
  • Invest in a good closet doorknob even if you have sliding panels, just for the sake of glam.
  • Fabric furnishing on the closet door to provides a much-needed change. You can make it easy by doing it yourself with a staple gun.

Staircase Bookshelf

Have space problems? But your living area is also overflowing because you have no place to keep your works? Well, this tip will get that taken care of. Small living spaces usually come with the difficulty of arranging and managing stuff that is quite necessary.

Also, who can argue against books being a very classy yet hassle-free take on home decor? The binders themselves are enough to set a dull atmosphere swirling in charisma!

  • Hot glue some fruit crates together while keeping in mind your under-staircase space. Use spray paint on it, install it, and display your amazing book collection.
  • A customized carpenter-built bookcase is a good idea if you have a few bucks to spare.
  • Staircase bookshelves can also run along the length of your staircase (not under), and you can access books while stepping up on the stairs.

Go Calligraphic

Calligraphy is truly a chic way to step on your decor game. The best part of it plainly is that there are no limitations to ideas that can spring when calligraphy is concerned. The lettering style can be embodied lavishly on various decor items, or even household necessities.

And there is never a shortage of letters, words, or even sentences that can make a way into your house and help you write the story of your life in that particular haven. See the following tips and get writing!

  • Monograms, a particularly fascinating decor option combined with calligraphy, can provide truly astonishing writings. Either make or get monogram decor pieces such as table decor, paperweights or display them over cushions or as bedside hanging or painting.
  • Calligraphic words or sentences printed on canvases are truly charming. Get your favorite words or sentence’s picture canvassed by CanvasPop.
  • Wall art or wall paintings in calligraphic words are sure to enlighten up any ordinary living space. Beachy backdrops will provide the required summer touch.

Ladder Hangings

Have a wooden ladder somewhere in your garage or backyard that has no apparent use? Well, this tip will cover that up without having to get rid of it.

  • Hang it horizontally on a wall, nail some nails and hang frames, decor pieces, hats, coats, or anything that goes.,
  • A horizontally placed ladder can also space a few books, along with small planters.
  • Let the ladder stand against a wall vertically. Use it to make an indoor plant pot hanger. Color the planters in various vibrant shades, place them using hot glue, or as deemed fit. And, you have a mesmerizing indoor tropical display!

All these tips will make sure that your home turns head this summer, and you live in a place of your dreams!