How many times have you stepped into a casino and wondered, ‘Do I play the slots now or later?’ Different gamblers have different opinions on the best time to play the slot machines at a casino, but there a few tips you can use to increase your luck.

When the jackpot is high

You are playing to win big, so why not try your luck at the jackpot? While your chances remain the same as other players, it is better to play knowing that when you hit, you will hit big. Generally, high jackpot casino slots ask for higher bets, so assess your playing budget before taking on higher bets.

When the casino if full

Gambling is a game of probability. The more players there are in the casino, the more chances that the probability of winning comes up sooner. That is why you here the coins go ‘ching-ching’ more frequently when the casino is busy. Some say that the best time to play is on Sunday after the heavy plays on Saturday nights, but you would rather join the crowds and try your luck on Saturdays. There are higher chances that someone is going to win big and it might be you.

When the jackpot is overdue

Has the jackpot been on for a long time? Casinos usually draw in more customers with the promise of winning big regularly. Jackpots are usually promised within a certain period. If this period is nearing without a jackpot hit, it means there is a higher probability that someone is going to hit it before time is up, and that player could be you.

When you have a flexible budget

Gambling is leisure and you should play only when your budget allows it. Given that casino slots are highly addictive, it is best to play when you have a generous budget. You can opt for penny slot machines if your budget is a bit restrictive and you want to play for longer. The returns might not be big on low bets, but remember that you came to have fun.

When you are in a good mood

It is easy to think that you are lucky when you are happy because a good mood brings on positivity, which makes even average wins look like you are on a lucky streak. It is important to remember that you are in a casino to have fun, and any wins you get are a bonus to your fun time!