Turbo Charged Car

If you are someone who has always fantasized having a car that you can have fun racing around without causing much damage t your vehicle or your life, you must have come across the term turbocharged engines. Most of us, especially the younger lot is fascinated by the idea of speedy cars that look straight out of a Back to the Future series. However, your regular car has speed and performance limitations and will most likely not give you the experience and performance that you have been looking for. That is the prime reason why many people, especially race freaks opt for turbo-charged cars. Although some cars today do have factory-fitted turbo-charge as an option, most vehicles are produced without turbo. In that case, you will have to get an external turbo or an aftermarket turbo for your car. You can click here to learn more about installing aftermarket turbos to your car.

Now that your car has a turbo in place, you need to understand that your car will be using up greater engine power than it is designed to do. This means you will have to tweak up certain areas in the car in order to make it compatible with your new upgrade. Here are some of the mandatory modifications that are needed in a turbocharged car.

Turbo Back Exhaust

As you enjoy the vrooming ride in your turbocharged vehicle, at the same time exhaust air builds up around your engine, consequently affecting your car’s performance and efficiency in the long-run. If you want to ensure a great driving experience and longer engine life and efficiency, it is important that you consider installing a turbo back exhaust. This modification will allow the car to free up exhaust air, thereby improving the car’s performance and efficiency.

Front Mount InterCooler

Turbocharged cars rely heavily on exhaust air to make the car function at your desired speed levels. The build-up of this hot air around your engine can be immensely threatening to the engine’s life and can have a huge impact on the car’s performance in the long run. A front mount intercooler (FMIC) will allow the hot air to cool down more efficiently.


Having the right clutches is extremely important in a high-speed vehicle. The efficiency if your clutch determines how quickly can you pull the brakes and how swiftly can you change the gears. The regular clutch of your car is designed to work with your regular engine, and therefore it is important that you get a good set of clutches to ensure more efficiency.

Fuel System Upgrades

It is no brainer that your car will be using much more fuel and will require tweaking the fuel settings when it is running on turbo settings and using up extra horsepower. Your regular fuel volume will not be adequate for your turbocharged car and you will realize you are making more frequent stops at the fuel station especially when driving on a longer distance. Upgrading your fuel system and increasing the volume of your fuel will solve this problem. An additional benefit is that fuel is an auto-cooling agent for engines, so the more fuel volume you have, the greater cooling efficiency your car has.