The fox body mustang has been in existence since creating the third-generation Mustang as far back as 1978. It ran its course for over a decade and a half before the fourth generation was made to succeed it. The fox body mustang has many sub-models and versions owned by many because of its durability, speed, and power at that time. However, many are still looking out for these Ford’s fox brand due to these features even in this age. Hence, selling your fox body mustang might be a great way to make some profit, especially if you already have other vehicle brands. However, before going ahead to place the fox body Mustang up for sale, you need to prepare it. Preparation entails checking certain parts of the vehicle, and this will be considered below.


The body of the fox body mustang is expected to have gotten old due to its long years of existence. However, you do not want to place your Mustang in the market in such a state; hence, it is best to check and repair some of the body parts before selling it. Luckily, the fox body mustang has many customization options, allowing for engine swaps among changing some other features. If you can take the pain of replacing some of the fender flares and engine, you might end up selling your fox body mustang at a higher price than what you would have sold it if you kept the old engines in place.

Also, due to the fox body’s unibody structure, it is possible that your car has lost the factory bracing. This is because the Mustang’s power is higher than the bracing incorporated into it from the factory. So, it is best to check out for twisted frames and ensure you fix them before placing your fox body Mustang up in the market for sale. Getting a subframe connector can also be a great idea, as it will add value to the vehicle, and interested buyers can get to buy at a higher price.

You can also check the pillars at the rear quarter windows and windshield for any bulges or cracks. This is an indication of a shifted frame. Ensure you make this correction before putting it up on the market for sale. The torque boxes are another place where intending buyers tend to check before making the purchase. It is possible for them to have been weak and probably torn appear. Fixing the torque boxes can cause a great deal of money; hence, you can negotiate with the intending buyer to fix it while reducing the price. However, you can also opt to repair it by yourself if you feel you have the money and will still make your gain in the long run.

The fenders and moldings alignment and spacing are also important. This is especially the case if the car has been in an accident at any point in time. It is best to fix this as failure to do so will only reduce the car’s value. The radiator supports should also be checked for misalignment before putting the car up for sale.


Rust is typical for any vehicle that is decades old; however, this is more common with the fox body mustang. Several fox body mustang has been sold as scrap because of rust associated with the strut towers. The strut tower, if not properly maintained, can get rusted easily. However, most people do not want to repair it because of the cost associated with its repair. The labor cost is what most spend on whenever they want to repair a rusted strut tower.

However, you can negotiate with the intending buyer to repair their end, but bear in mind that this will reduce the value of the vehicle. Another option is to inform the buyer that you can fix the rusted strut towers, then include it in the amount the intending buyer will pay. This will make the buyers not go through the stress of having to fix it themselves.

It is also essential to check the fender wells, lips, and the floor pans for any rusting. You should also check the sunroof if it is present. The presence of rust in any of the parts is indicative that moisture is coming into the car from one area, and all of these needs to be fixed to retain the high value of the vehicle.

If you are leaving in the salt belt states, there is a high likelihood that the floor of your fox body mustang has rust and holes. Hence, it is best to check this out and change the floor pans if possible. This should not cost you much, even if you hire a professional to get it done for you. It will also increase the value of the car in the long run.


You need to check for the engine’s proper functioning before placing the fox body Mustang up for sale. You should also check for the presence of oil leakage at the back of the car or the transmission as this can be evidence of leaking rear main seal or oil pan gasket. Also, the water pump should be checked for proper functioning as well as the shaft.


Due to the high demand for the fox body mustang, it is likely that you will be able to sell yours at a high price in the market. However, keeping it in a near-perfect state can increase the value of the vehicle.